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SWOSU Associate Professor Receives Fellowship to Join The Prairie Project

Dr. Zach Jones

Dr. Zach Jones, associate professor in the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, has been named to the 2022-24 education team of The Prairie Project.

The Prairie Project is a collaborative effort among research, extension and teaching faculty from several Southern Great Plains universities. Collaborating with ranchers, students and teachers from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska, the overarching goals of the project are to maintain and improve livestock production while addressing critical ecosystem processes in the face of increasing wildfire frequency, woody plant encroachment and extreme climate events.

During the two-year fellowship, Dr. Jones will participate in an active learning community across the Southern Great Plains to develop and implement experiential learning projects into natural resources management courses that involve research and impact assessment protocols aimed at understanding and managing production in grassland systems.

Jones joined the SWOSU faculty ranks in 2015 and is a grassland conservation scientist teaching courses in the Allied Health Sciences and Parks and Recreation Management departments. As part of the project, he will receive $3,000 in stipends and student supplies for project development, as well as travel expenses to conferences where outcomes, assessments, results and discoveries will be presented and shared.

The Prairie Project