Plaque Now Describes Mosaic at SWOSU


Plaque Now Describes Mosaic at SWOSU

A project that developed from the “Let’s Talk About SWOSU” sessions is now in place.

“Walk in the Heartland” is the name of the concrete mosaic that is located on the south side of the Stafford Center on the Weatherford campus. For several years, visitors to the campus have noticed the mosaic but did not know the meaning of the artwork.

So, it was suggested at a “Let’s Talk About SWOSU” session that a sign or plaque explaining the different aspects of the mosaic be installed. The plaque is now in place.

The mosaic was designed and constructed by former SWOSU faculty member Gene Richardson.

The artwork is a harmonic convergence of color, form, line, movement and symbols. The work is comprised of concrete, marbles, metal and glass. Among the items featured are cattle brands, horses, ankhs, buffaloes, Tibet eye charts, masks, hubcaps and stylized versions of a scissor-tail fly catcher and wise owl.

Of particular interest are the dates included on the art piece. The earliest date is Aug. 8, 3113 B.C. with the latest date being Dec. 21, 2012. Richardson said the dates signify the beginning and ending of a great cycle, approximately 5,000 years, from the Mayan calendar.

The “Let’s Talk About SWOSU” sessions are held monthly on the Weatherford campus and are open to anyone who would like to talk about SWOSU issues.