Youngest-Ever Donor Gives to SWOSU


Yougest Donor Ever
Weatherford’s Cassidy Moses recently became Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s youngest donor. The six-year-old kindergarten student made a $1 donation to the SWOSU Foundation, because she wanted to help kids go to school. Accepting the donation were (left) SWOSU President John Hays and Foundation Executive Director Jim Waites.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford just got a donation from its youngest-ever donor.

Weatherford six-year-old Cassidy Moses recently presented $1 to SWOSU President John Hays and SWOSU Foundation Director Jim Waites, because she wanted to “help kids go to school.”

The whole story started a few weeks ago when Moses’ grandmother, Carol Moses, was babysitting Cassidy. Carol had a meeting at the university.

“Isn’t that where Uncle Jim (Waites) works?” Cassidy asked her grandmother.

She then wanted to know what Uncle Jim did at the university. Carol thought about the best way to answer, so she told Cassidy that Uncle Jim collects money to help kids go to school.

Cassidy thought for awhile and then proudly told her grandmother that she had some extra money, and she wanted to help kids go to school.

Of course Grandma Carol thought that was a nice gesture. She ignored Cassidy’s intention thinking she would forget. But, she didn’t.

“I tried talking her out of it,” Moses said. “I told her to keep her money for when she goes to college. But, Cassidy wouldn’t budge. She was bound and determined to give that dollar to SWOSU.”

So, Cassidy recently visited the SWOSU campus after her kindergarten class to present the $1 to the SWOSU Foundation. She told President Hays and Uncle Jim that she told all the kids in her kindergarten class that she was going to college that day.

“Of course she’s my granddaughter, but she is a very thoughtful person,” Carol said.

Cassidy is the daughter of Jeff and Krystal Moses of Weatherford. Her grandfather is Rob Moses, who is the husband of Carol.

“This is one of the most heart-touching donations we have ever received,” Hays said.

The SWOSU Foundation is $1 richer nowadays thanks to a thoughtful six-year-old kindergarten student.