SWOSU Students Head to Model UN Conference


Several Southwestern Oklahoma State University students are attending the 46th Midwest Model United Nations Conference being held February 22-25 in St. Louis, Mo.

SWOSU's delegation is representing the country of Senegal and is composed of 13 students from several different majors, according to sponsor Ken Tillett.

Representing SWOSU are: Angelica Aispuro, Thamer Al-Jarrah, Jessica Day, Tanner Hankins, Kimberly Hoang, Sam Jennings, Amy Jones, Ashley Kelley, Sebastian Rodriguez, David Searcy, Jennifer Shumpert, Amanda Tyson and Barry Wilkins. Jennings is the head delegate.

The Model UN Conference is expected to attract over 600 students from 60 universities across the nation.

Students are expected to conduct themselves as diplomats and to represent their country’s position at the United Nations. To do so, according to Tillett, students must prepare thoroughly in parliamentary procedures, various topic areas, and their country’s foreign policies and positions on a particular topic.

The Conference is generally divided into the General Assembly and several of its committees—Economic and Social Council (ECOCOC), The Security Council, World Health Organization and others.

SWOSU’s country, Senegal, has a population base of over 11 million people. The country has a multiparty democratic republic form of government. President is Abdoulaye Wade and prime minister is Macky Sall.