SWOSU Student Senate Passes Organizational Change


The Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s 61st Student Senate passed “The Student Government Association Representation and Organization Act of 2006” at its October 11 meeting on the Weatherford campus.

The legislation would, among other things, give each recognized student organization at SWOSU the opportunity to elect a student senator to represent their interests in the Senate. Such a proposal was a campaign promise during SWOSU Student Body President Garrett King’s spring bid for the student presidency. King has repeatedly called for its passage.

The vote at Wednesday’s meeting was 33 for and 7 against the bill, known as Senate Bill F06001.

“The Senate has worked diligently on this vital piece of legislation,” said Senate Speaker Dana Mason of Oklahoma City. “We now hope that Student President King, Dean Dougherty, and University President Hays will affirm our belief that this article is beneficial to the university.”

The passed measure is now delivered to King, who has 14 days to sign or veto the measure. Should King approve the bill, it will be sent to Dean of Students Cindy Dougherty and University President John Hays for their approval before being put to a referendum of the student body.

SGA Public Relations Director Donovan Fuller said the provisions of the bill would amend the SGA Constitution, thus the need for a campus-wide vote of ratification.