SWOSU Honors Employees at Reception

Staff & Administrator of the Year
Honors Reception
Honored as the Staff Employee of the Year was (left) Janice Sperle, secretary in the SWOSU Department of Psychology. She won a $500 cash award. Honored as the Administrator of the Year was (right) Rene Mason, network administrators in the SWOSU Information Technology Services office. She won a $500 cash award.
25 Years of Service
Honors Reception
Honored for 25 years of service were (from left): Rosemary Kerlick and Ginger Ryan.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University staff employees were honored for their years of service at a recent reception held on the Weatherford campus.

Thirty-one employees were honored for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years of service to SWOSU. Two employees who recently retired were honored and five individuals who have completed degrees at SWOSU were also recognized. SWOSU President John Hays made the presentations.

Staff employee and administrator of the year awards were presented to Janice Sperle and Rene Mason, respectively. Each won a $500 award. Sperle is secretary in the Department of Psychology, while Mason is network administrator in SWOSU Information Technology Services.

Recent SWOSU retirees included Betty Deela and Greg Hernandez. Also honored were five individuals—Mason McNeill, James Skinner, Wes Warren, Rhonda Waters and Gail Wilcox—who completed degrees.  

Serving as hostess of the program was Gail Wilcox, who is chair of the Support Personnel Organization at SWOSU. Providing special music was the SWOSU Brass Ensemble, comprised of Nick Lindley, Jaime Jones, A.J. Stegall, Tim Martin and David Hagan.  Sherry Baker won the t-shirt design contest award, and Carolyn Barron won the Dependent Award given by the SSPO.

Years of service honorees were:

25 Years

  • Rosemary Kerlick
  • Dianna Mosburg
  • Ginger Ryan
  • Linda Woodruff

20 years

  • Bobbie Mackey
  • Richard McLaughlin

15 years

  • Carl Bound
  • Louann Hanks
  • Jackie Reagan
  • Phyllis Stutzman

10 years

  • Clarence Amen
  • Kim Boyd
  • Scott Carpenter
  • Kim Cook
  • Robbie Fast
  • Ladonna Haynes
  • Connie Lewis
  • Joey Nutley
  • George Rainey
  • Renee Ryburn  

5 years

  • Earl Bales
  • Linda Bell
  • Jannet Dobrinski
  • David Harms
  • Diane Jantz
  • Carla Mackey
  • Riley Payne
  • Marla Russ
  • Marilyn Thigpen
  • Debbie VanHuss
  • Carol Wichert
20 Years of Service
Honors Reception
Honored for 20 years of service was Bobbie Mackey.
15 Years of Service
Honors Reception
Honored for 15 years of service were (from left): Phyllis Stutzman and Louann Hanks.
10 Years of Service
Honors Reception
Honored for 10 years of service were (front from left): Ladonna Haynes, Robbie Fast and Joey Nutley. Back from left—George Rainey, Scott Carpenter and Renee Ryburn.
5 Years of Service
Honors Reception
Honored for 5 years of service were (front from left): Linda Bell, Jannet Dobrinski, Diane Jantz, Carla Mackey and Marla Russ. Back from left—Marilyn Thigpen, Riley Payne and Carol Wichert.
Graduate Degrees
Honors Reception
Honored completing their degrees at SWOSU were (from left): James Skinner and Wes Warren.
SWOSU Retiree
Honors Reception
Honored for her years of service was Betty Deela, who recently retired from SWOSU.