Penner Wins Hot Dog Eating Contest


SWOSU student Fred Penner of Fairview won the hot dog eating contest held October 25 on the SWOSU campus in Weatherford.

Penner ate 11.5 hot dogs in 12 minutes and won a $250 scholarship from the SWOSU Foundation. Finishing second was Melissa Terrell of Amarillo, Texas, who consumed 10.75 hot dogs. There was a three-way tie for third place with Mason Holman and Greg Britton, both of Sentinel, and Ryan Flaming of Clinton each eating 10.

Contest organizer Matt Bartel said 25 SWOSU students participated in the contest and were cheered on by a large group of onlookers. Only 17 of the students actually finished the contest, which was sponsored by the SWOSU Department of Residence Life.

Paul Raupe was one of the students who did not finish the contest.  Raupe, who earlier this year won a milk-chugging contest, said the hot dog eating contest was more difficult than the milk contest.

Bartel said Bar S Company provided the hot dogs for the event and United Supermarkets provided the buns. Also, he thanked the following for contributions: Rouben Tourian, SWOSU Foundation, SWOSU Public Relations & Marketing Office, Rogers and Jefferson Hall RAs, SWOSU Department of Residence Life, Weatherford Daily News and Wright Wradio.

The world record for hot dogs consumed in 12 minutes is 53 ¾ by Takeru Kobayashi. The women’s record is 37 by Sonya Thomas. Both participated in the Nathan’s national hot dog eating contest held during the summers in Brooklyn, N.Y.