Digital Storytelling Focus of SWOSU Meeting


Weatherford High School students will present their digital storytelling projects at the next Computer Club meeting at Southwestern Oklahoma State University this Thursday, November 2, on the Weatherford campus.

The public is invited to attend the meeting, which is being held at 7 p.m. in Stafford Center Room 235.

Dr. Warren Moseley, faculty sponsor of the SWOSU Computer Club, said the meeting will be very informative and entertaining even to the computer novice.  Refreshments will also be served.  

Many individuals and communities have used the term "digital storytelling" to describe a wide variety of new media production practices. This combined with 3D animation, new programming languages, and high resolution graphics intensify the storytelling capability of high school students, according to Moseley.  

As a result of a Rural Math and Science Partnership held this year at SWOSU,  Moseley and Wes Miller of Weatherford High School teamed up to create a link between Weatherford High School and SWOSU. 

“This is the representation of years of research at Carnegie Mellon in the area of new approaches to programming languages,” Moseley said. “Digital storytelling as a mechanism to introduce students to computer science represents a transition of technology from SWOSU to the local community.”

Weatherford High School students are regular participants in the activities of the Computer Club at SWOSU.