Health Information & Technology Week Being Celebrated at SWOSU


Health Information and Technology Week is being celebrated November 5-11 at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.

SWOSU Program Director Marion Prichard said the goal of this year is to celebrate the profession and educate people on the importance of health information.

The theme for this year is “Managing Information, Improving Care.”  The theme reflects the important role Health Information Management and Health Information Technology plays in providing information between healthcare providers and settings for improved continuity of care.

“The work we do helps advance the cause of quality healthcare,” Prichard said. “Health Information and Technology Week is our means to let everyone know about our crucial contributions to health information, so that people can truly see how improved patient care results from reliable data and the professional management of information.”

Health Information professionals maintain, collect and analyze the data that doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals rely on to deliver quality healthcare. Health Information professionals are experts in managing patient health information and medical records, administering computer information systems, and coding the diagnosis and procedures for healthcare services provided to patients.   

Prichard said healthcare is a fast growing industry and not a lot of people know about Health Information and Technology. 

“We are eager to spread the word and inform the public this week that healthcare is not just about physicians and nurses, there are many other intricate roles involved as well,” Prichard said.

For more information, contact Prichard at 580.774.3287 or Assistant Program Director Teri Stubbs at 580.774.3067.