SWOSU Offers Multiple Interactive Courses Designed for Convenience


Southwestern Oklahoma State University has made a college education more accessible with interactive video classes allowing students to do college work without stepping on the Weatherford or Sayre campuses.

SWOSU at Sayre is currently sending nine classes to 10 sites in western Oklahoma. Many of the sites are at high schools where seniors may take up to six college hours per semester tuition free. As a result, many seniors will graduate from high school with several hours toward a college degree.

In addition, SWOSU at Weatherford currently sends 56 interactive video classes to the Sayre campus and many more to other locations around Oklahoma. Most are upper division and graduate level classes in the areas of education and business however classes are available in other areas such as social work, parks and recreation and criminal justice.

Fourteen upper division classes required by education majors are available by interactive video at Sayre, and a student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business could complete all coursework on the Sayre campus, according to network administrator Earl Bales. It is even very likely that someone could complete a Master of Education through interactive video at Sayre.

Bales said Interactive video classes provide convenience and accessibility to a wide range of students in western Oklahoma. For example, a student majoring in math education needed two classes at Sayre to complete his Associate of Science degree. He is currently taking those two classes along with two upper division classes from the Weatherford campus without leaving Hammon. All four classes are available at Hammon High School through interactive video.

Bales said all prospective students, regardless of level, should check the SWOSU at Sayre summer and fall 2007 schedules as well as the Weatherford schedules for interactive video class offerings. Information is available for Sayre at www.swosu.edu/sayre or by calling 580.928.5533. Information about Weatherford courses are available at www.swosu.edu/administration/distance/interactive-video/index.asp or by calling 580.774.3149.