Duke is Back at SWOSU


Presentation of "Duke"
Southwestern Oklahoma State University has a new live Bulldog, named Duke. The SWOSU Alumni Association recently obtained the champion show dog from alum Bob Newcomb of Elk City and his business partners Dr. Nancy Rose and Brenda Newcomb. Duke’s arrival on campus was greeted by (from left): Brandi Gateley, assistant director for the SWOSU Alumni Association; Bob Newcomb, Elk City; Dr. Nancy Rose, Oklahoma City; Rita Hays, Weatherford; Mary Regier, president of the SWOSU Alumni Association; and Jim Waites, executive director of the SWOSU Alumni Association.

Duke is back at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Duke the BulldogThe SWOSU Alumni Association has purchased a live Bulldog that will serve as mascot at various events on the SWOSU campuses in Weatherford and Sayre. The Bulldog is named Duke.

Duke? Many current-day patrons of the university know the Bulldog mascot as Brandy. But, back in the early days of SWOSU, the mascot was known as Duke. After the passing of Duke, there was a period of time that the university did not have a live Bulldog. Then, sometime between 1960-65, a social fraternity brought a live Bulldog, named Brandy, back to campus. Brandy has been the name of SWOSU’s mascot for the past 40 years.

SWOSU Alumni Association spokesperson Brandi Gateley said the association is not changing the name of Brandy on the costumed dog that appears at various athletic events and the big plastic Bulldog that sits on the SWOSU campus. The only change will be the name of the live Bulldog.

The champion show dog would normally sell for several thousand dollars, but SWOSU alum Bob Newcomb of Elk City arranged with his partners to sell the dog to the alumni association at a much discounted price. His business partners are Dr. Nancy Rose and Brenda Newcomb. The Bulldog was officially recorded a “Champion” by the American Kennel Club on February 18, 2007.  Duke will be housed in Weatherford by Rita Hays, a faculty member at SWOSU.

Duke will have an appointment calendar that will be handled by the SWOSU Alumni Association office. The association is currently working out details to have various campus organizations in charge of making sure Duke gets to the previously-scheduled events.

Duke is scheduled to make a few guest appearances this summer, but his schedule will be much busier this fall when the majority of SWOSU students come back for the 2007 fall semester.