100 Ideas for Oklahoma Session Coming to SWOSU


A session on 100 Ideas for Oklahoma will be held at Southwestern Oklahoma State University on Tuesday, August 28, from 4-6 p.m. at the Memorial Student Center on the Weatherford campus.

SWOSU President John Hays said the public is invited and encouraged to attend. 

With the centennial around the corner, the first 100 years of Oklahoma’s story are ending. And, a new chapter is beginning. Oklahoma House of Representatives Speaker Lance Cargill, working with an advisory panel of dynamic leaders, is looking ahead to the future and planning these gatherings around the state. The public is strongly encouraged to attend.

The 100 Ideas initiative seeks citizen input to create a stronger grassroots approach to governing while also soliciting the excellence of Oklahoma’s citizenry. Through a series of town hall meetings and interaction with the state’s citizens called
IdeaRaisers, the 100 Ideas Initiative will develop a comprehensive vision as we move into the next 100 years of Oklahoma’s state history.

At the end of the year, the 100 Ideas Initiative will publish a book filled with the best 100 ideas from IdeaRaisers across the state. The book will serve as an agenda for Speaker Cargill and as a plan for Oklahoma’s second century.