Local Business & Labor Market Data Offered by SWOSU CEBD


Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Center for Economic and Business Development in Weatherford has released its latest local business and labor market data for 2006-2011.  The information, available on the CEBD’s website, provides economic, labor market, demographic, and education data for either a selected region in Oklahomaor the state of Oklahoma as a whole.

By providing this information, the CEBD hopes to equip regional planners with the information needed to understand the trends in the regional economy to ensure that today’s workers are equipped for the jobs of tomorrow, according to SWOSU Assistant Research Analyst Leia Moore.

The available data can be used to rank and analyze industries and clusters in the current economy, run impact scenarios and analyze the regional economic base.  It can also be used to address dislocated worker scenarios, forecast training needs, and provide guidance to individual workers regarding their skills and employment options. The Local Business and Labor Market data is compiled using Economic Modeling Specialists, Inc.’s proprietary industry, occupation, and demographic data sets, which are generated by integrating 70 federal and state sources.

For more information, please contact the Center for Economic and Business Development at 580./span> 774-7095 or visit www.swosu.edu/cebd/.