Labor Survey Underway in Western Oklahoma


A labor survey is now underway in the Oklahoma counties of Beckham, Caddo, Custer, Dewey, Greer, Kiowa and Washita.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University and the University of Oklahoma are coordinating the survey.

“Like other regions throughout the country, western Oklahoma is constantly monitoring its workforce to better understand the demographics of the talent pool,” said Dr. Marvin Hankins, director of the Center for Economic and Business Development at SWOSU. “This information is critical to sustain and grow existing companies in western Oklahoma and to recruit new companies.”

 The University of Oklahoma’s public opinion learning laboratory in conjunction with the Oklahoma Department of Commerce will be conducting the labor survey for the western Oklahoma counties. The OU public opinion learning laboratory will make phone calls to households in these respective counties.

Hankins said the study will provide a comprehensive look at the local labor force profile, numbers of underemployed workers, commuting patterns, worker willingness to change employers, educational levels of the labor pool, and many other factors.

“We’re asking that households, if called upon, will please take the time and effort to answer the survey questions,” Hankins said.  “The labor survey information will be a much needed resource in helping promote economic and business development efforts in western Oklahoma.”

The information is useful to businesses looking to expand or relocate to western Oklahoma; to existing Oklahoma businesses who are looking at expansion or managing risk; and to local educational institutions who are planning curriculum to meet employers’ needs.