Recycling Bins Now on SWOSU Campus


Recyling Bins
Recycling the first items in the "SWOSU Big Bins" are (from left): SWOSU Vice President Tom Fagan; Kendall Huckabay, director of the City of Weatherford Street & Sanitation Department; Enola Crayton, director of the Alan Markum Center; SWOSU Collegiate Activities Board Director Heather Leach; and CAB Social Action Chairperson Natalie Jordan.

Recycling bins are now available on the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus in Weatherford.  

Thanks to the efforts of the Collegiate Activities Board, the bins are now located outside of the Old Science Building Auditorium.

“Overall it’s really exciting,” said Heather Leach, director of CAB. “I worked on a recycling project at my high school.  It is incredibly difficult to get one started, so again, we are grateful to all those who have helped.”

Leach reminds everyone who uses the bins to only place the named items in the bins and flatten all boxes so more will fit in the bins.

In 2005, the city of Weatherford did not have a large scale recycling program. Mayor Mike Brown and others made that a reality in Spring 2007 by placing the bins for aluminum, cardboard and newspaper recycling on the intersection of Clark/Kansas Streets.

“We have been pleasantly surprised by the good response; it has been greater than anticipated,” said Mayor Brown.  “This recycling project is like money in your pocket because all the trash we collect goes to the transfer station.  We pay a fee there based on tonnage.  Anything that doesn’t go in there saves us all money. It’s a win-win with money saved and good conservation through recycling.”

Working with Rick Skinner, director of SWOSU’s Physical Plant, and Kendall Huckabay, director of the City of Weatherford Street & Sanitation Department, decisions were made with CAB and the “SWOSU Big Bins” were placed on campus for student use. 

“They are red, white and blue,” said Dean of Students Cindy Dougherty. “I guess because nothing is more patriotic than going ‘green.’ CAB does at least one philanthropic activity per semester. This is a two-for, as in two for one. We recycle and help save the planet and all proceeds go to help a work program for disabled and disadvantaged adults at the Alan Markum Center.”

SWOSU Vice President Tom Fagan said the project is a good one, and the university’s next project could be recycling plastics like water bottles.