Christmas Crisis at Mistletoe Mesa Coming to SWOSU Stage

Cast members include (front from left): Dayna Robinson, Altus, scenic designer; Melissa Giles, Watonga, stage manager; Ashley Howard, Fort Worth TX, Tiny Kim and makeup designer; Kelli Herbel, Thomas, light board operator; and Arianna Farris, Thomas, sound board operator. Second row from left—Tanner Fisher, Calumet, properties designer; Rusty Edwards, Kingfisher, Ebenezer Grunch; Randi Wallace, Hobart, director; Cierra Musick, Weatherford, Mama Grunch; and Sarah Mueggenborg, Okarche, Holly Bush. Third row from left—Mindy Herb, Benbrook TX, makeup assistant and crew; August Fletcher, Oklahoma City (Westmoore), lighting designer; Tyler Powell, Woodward, Happy Holiday; Rachel Giacometti, Weatherford, costume designer; Eryn Brooks, Woodward, Olio performer 1; Tiffany Tuggle, Hollis, Mary Christmas; and Anne Wicker, Cody NE, assistant stage manager. Back row from left—Jamie King, Fairview, Olio performer 2; Steven Doughty, Yukon, Bully/Bob Scratchit/Santa; Edward Pierce, Guymon, Olio performer 3; Jess Moore, Burns Flat, prospector and sound designer; and Julie Barnett, Sentinel, graphics designer. Not pictured was Jessica Limestall, Yukon, properties assistant.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University Department of Communication and Theatre and its dramatic fraternity Alpha Psi Omega are joining forces to present the melodrama Christmas Crisis at Mistletoe Mesa on November 29 through December 1 on the SWOSU campus.

The production will be held at 7:30 p.m. nightly in the Old Science Building Auditorium on the Weatherford campus.

The 45-minute melodrama, written by R. Eugene Jackson, introduces the audience to the villains of the play, Mama and Ebenezer Grunch, two people so mean they would ban Christmas, rip down all the decorations and outlaw Christmas wrapping. They set up a “crisis” in Mistletoe Mesa when they trick Happy Holiday into signing over the deed to the town. They even kidnap Santa Claus—along with his eight reindeer—and lock him in an outhouse.

As Mama and Ebenezer Grunch try to succeed with their evil plans, they are challenged by the hero, Happy Holiday, and some of the other hilarious characters in this melodramatic town, including heroine Mary Christmas, her good friend Holly Bush, Tiny Kim, and even good old’ St. Nick himself.

“The production is truly a family affair and appropriate for all ages,” Steve Strickler said. “Audience members should come prepared to cheer on the hero and to heckle the villains.”

Admission is $5 for adults, $3 for non-SWOSU students and free for individuals with an SWOSU I.D. card. For more information, please call 580.774.3240. 

The cast of the play, directed by SWOSU senior Randi Wallace of Hobart, includes Cierra Musick, Weatherford junior, and Rusty Edwards, Kingfisher freshman, as the villains in the play—Mama and Ebenezer Grunch; the hero and heroine are portrayed by Tyler Powell, Woodward freshman, as Happy Holiday and Tiffany Tuggle, Hollis junior, as Mary Christmas; and Sarah Mueggenborg, Okarche junior, as Holly Bush; Steven Doughty, Yukon sophomore, as Bully, Bob Scratchit and Santa Claus;  Jess Moore, Burns Flat junior, as Prospector; Ashley Howard, Fort Worth, TX junior, as Tiny Kim; and leading the audience through the cheers and heckles as the Olio Performers are Eryn Brooks, Woodward freshman, Jamie King, Fairview senior, and Ed Pierce, Guymon freshman.