SWOSU Expands Distance Learning Opportunities


Southwestern Oklahoma State University has added a new telecourse to its upcoming semester class schedule and will offer a total of 10 telecourses during the 2008 spring semester.

World Cultural Geography was recently added to the lineup of available classes for next semester.  Students at both the Sayre and Weatherford campuses may now enroll in the course, which will be taught by SWOSU-Sayre instructor Landry Brewer.

“I’m excited to offer the class in this format for the first time,” Brewer said.  “It’s one more way that SWOSU is meeting the needs of busy students and making college education more convenient.”

Other SWOSU telecourses include: Introduction to Macroeconomics; Modern World History; American History Since 1877; Introduction to Literature; Introduction to Philosophy; American Government & Politics; General Psychology; Introduction to Sociology; and English Composition II.

Telecourses include instruction delivered through recorded televised program. Students receive instruction by viewing recorded programs on television or, if they choose, the Internet. In addition, some classes have a textbook and study guide to prepare for tests.

Brewer said the convenience for students is that they rarely have to come to the campus for telecourses.  An orientation session is held at the beginning of the semester, which provides an opportunity to meet the course instructor and ask questions.  For the remainder of the semester, students only occasionally come to campus to take tests.

“Telecourses are ideal for busy students who work or have children at home,” Brewer said.  “Some students can only take a class or two during the daytime, and telecourses provide the additional hours necessary for full-time enrollment.”

Telecourses carry the same credit as traditional on-campus classes, and they’re transferable to other colleges and universities.

For information about telecourses, contact the SWOSU-Sayre Registrar’s Office at 580.928.5533 or the Weatherford Registrar’s Office at 580.774.3777. 

Spring classes begin January 10.