Web Site Created for Walking Program


Southwestern Oklahoma State University student Karl Kirch (seated) created a walking website for the City of Weatherford Parks and Recreation Department's Walking for Wellness Program. Consulting with Kirch are Walking for Wellness Committee members (left) Patti Harper and Stuart Burchett.

 A new web site for the City of Weatherford Parks and Recreation Department’s Walking for Wellness program was recently created by Southwestern Oklahoma State University student Karl Kirch as part of an assignment for a Web Development class.

Class instructor Madeline Baugher selected Kirch for the task and contacted Walking for Wellness Program Committee Co-chair Patti Harper, about the project. 

"Karl went above and beyond on developing the website," Harper said. "It's more than what we expected and Karl plans to add some items to the website in the near future.”

Stuart Burchett, volunteer committee member for the walking program, will help maintain and update the website.  Harper said the website will be a positive tool for the Walking for Wellness Program to continue to raise awareness among the Weatherford community to have a healthy lifestyle through fun and fitness. 

The new web site provides a new way to track walking. Harper said a person can get started by registering. Go to www.cityofweatherford.com and click on "Walking for Wellness" in the Popular Links column.  Once a person has registered and been accepted, a person will be able to log in and enter walking information on a daily basis. A person can choose to enter miles or steps, which will be kept private from others.  However, miles/steps will be included in the community's total miles/steps found on the walking website welcome page.

Collection sites in the community will still be available at the Parks & Recreation Department, SWOSU Campus Mailroom, SWOSU Wellness Center, Wal-Mart, Weatherford Public Library, Weatherford Regional Hospital and the YMCA. Walkers of all ages can start participating at any time. This is a free community-wide program for anybody interested in walking for the health of it. 

“Whether you choose to write down your walking activity or submit it via the new online walking website, your participation in the walking program is a step in the right direction for a healthier life, Harper said.

For more information, visit the walking website (www.cityofweatherford.com/Walking), email (walkinginfo@swosu.edu) or contact the Parks and Recreation Department 580.774.2450 or visit City Hall, 522 W Rainey).