AAUW Meets January 10


The American Association of University Women’s chapter meeting on January 10 will focus on AAUW’s commitment to international collaboration and involvement.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. in the SWOSU Conference Center, and everyone is invited.

Cindy Foust is working on the "One Shared World" program for the upcoming meeting. One aspect of the program looks at ways to address poverty and improve the lives of women/girls in various locations. Child care will be provided at the meeting.  Children can bring their favorite video movie to watch or homework or reading. Hostesses are Sophia Lee, E.K. Jeong, and Victoria Gaydosik.

The program has an international emphasis, according to Faye Henson of the AAUW.  I would like to encourage members to invite colleagues who may be from varied backgrounds and cultural heritages.