Next Walking for Wellness Program to be held at SWOSU


The next Weatherford Walking for Wellness event will be held at Southwestern Oklahoma State University this Monday, February 4.

The 7 p.m. free event will be held at the SWOSU Wellness Center in Room 221.

In recognition of American Heart Month,  Vicki Hatton will briefly discuss the heart rate target zone.  To make the most of the program, Hatton has asked participants to find their resting heart rate prior to attending the meeting. To take the resting heart rate, one will need to do this when waking up in the morning.

Hatton said one way to get the heart rate is to place the first two fingers on the palm side of your left wrist just below where your wrist and thumb meet.  Move your fingers around until your pulse is easy to feel. Begin counting the beats and count them for a full minute or count them for 30 seconds and multiple times two.  

A person can also take a pulse at the neck.  Take the same two fingers and gently place them between the wind pipe and neck muscle, just under the lower jawbone. Count the heart beats as mentioned above. Once the resting heart rate has been found for three mornings, a person needs to get an average of the three mornings and bring that information to the meeting.  

After Hatton’s session, Patti Harper will talk about “places to walk” in and around Weatherford. She will also show a great website that helps individuals map a walking trail. Stuart Burchett is also going to give instructions on how to calibrate a pedometer. Free pedometers are available at the Weatherford Parks and Recreation Department, located at Weatherford City Hall.

After the program, everybody will have the opportunity to walk on the indoor track at the SWOSU Wellness Center. Plus, everyone in attendance will receive a coupon for a 1/2 price Fruit Smoothie at the Freshens Bar, located at the Wellness Center. Plus, there will be door prizes.

Additional information is available by calling Harper at 580.774.3190.