SWOSU's Duke Appears in National Magazine



Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Bulldog mascot continues to make the news, this time in a national publication.

Duke, the university’s 2-year-old dog, had his portrait published in the March edition of the American Kennel Club Gazette.

Duke’s photo accompanied a story about bulldogs making the list of top 10 dogs in America, based on AKC’s 2007 registration figures.

According to the article, bulldogs are the most common dog mascot of college sports teams. Over 30 United States colleges and universities have a Bulldog (real or costumed) as their mascot, the most famous being Yale’s Handsome Dan, Georgetown’s Jack and the University of Georgia’s Uga.

But, it was a “high five” picture of Duke, taken by SWOSU photographer/graphic artist Kyle Wright, that was picked to appear in the national magazine.

Bob Newcomb of The Bulldog Club of America said Bulldogs make a good sporting symbol.

“They have characteristics that are admired in competition,” Newcomb said. “Bulldogs are resolute, tenacious, and courageous. Their charming, friendly nature makes them wonderful ambassadors.”

SWOSU’s Duke was purchased in 2007 by the SWOSU Alumni Association. He attends various university events and sporting activities and is a popular attraction. Duke was officially recorded a “Champion” by the American Kennel Club on February 18, 2007. Duke is housed in Weatherford by Rita Hays, a faculty member at SWOSU.