Eighty Students and 25 Faculty Participate in Research and Activity Fair

Research Fair

Research Fair

Research Fair

Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s 15th annual Student Research/Scholarly Activity Fair was recently held on the Weatherford campus with 80 students, sponsored by 25 faculty members, participating in the event.

The fair was sponsored by the University Research and Scholarly Activity Committee and the SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs. The event is designed to give students the opportunity to present their research and other scholarly activities in poster or podium presentation formats. Many of the presentations have been or will be presented at various organizational events at the state, regional and national levels.           

Students from the following disciplines presented their work: School of Allied Health, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Department of Entrepreneurship and Computer Systems, Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology, Department of Language and Literature, Department of Mathematics, Department of Music, Department of Psychology and Department of Social Sciences.

Students participating were:  Arnold Adams, Anthony Allison, Mollie Baker, Candace Benda, Wendy Billington, Eric Boehs, Tanner Buffington, Amy Cain, Alyssa Cannon, Glynn Cobb, Matthew Cole, Cody Coppock, Mike Davis, Shannon Duncan, Kyle Eckhardt, Susannah Farris, Grace Ann Fath, Levi Feltman, Kelly Fine, Neil L. Funwie, Steven Giblet, Loren Gilmore, David Goree, Kelly Groves, Serena Hageman, Chris Hansen, Tara Havins, Courtney Hedrick, Marisela Hernandez, Regina Holsted, Adam Hughes, Jesse Johnson, Susan Johnson, Carneli Jorge-Torres, Joel Kardokus, Whitney Kistler, Phillip Kitchen, Holley Ladymon, Ross Lane, Diana Leon, Ryan Lutz, Staci Masquelier, Tye Meyer, Georgia Miller, Corey Mingura, Tammie Moss, Marce Muller, DonNell Myers, Brittani S. Ogle, Vaibhav Pandya, Anjana Patel, Jason Peace, Meagan Pender, Joshua Postin, Guarav Poudyal, Savanah Powell, Terri Quinn, Lisa Quintero, Jessica Redd, Sulav Regmi, Travis Roberts, Robert Roller, Rachel Rowe, Chaz Rutledge, Terri Schimmel, Garrett Scott, Brooke Shockey, Kenzie Skinner, Antionette D. Smith, Immanuel Suleiman, David Supeck, Jeremy Titsworth, Chris Tuma, Cammi Valdez, Kari Watkins, Sarah Webb,  Matt Williams, Joe Wilson, Heather Wright, and Kelsey Zybach.

SWOSU faculty sponsors were: Dr. Lisa Appeddu, Donna Barlow, Dr. Melinda Burgess, Dr. Stephen Burgess, Dr. Viki Craig, Dr. David Esjornson, Linda Hertzler-Crum, Dr. Philip Holley, Dr. Timothy J. Hubin, Dr. Jason Johnson, Dr. William J. Kelly, Dr. Sophia Lee, Dr. Helen Maxson, Dr. Warren Moseley, Dr. Steven W. O’Neal, Dr. Anil Pereira, Dr. Bill Seibert, Jeffrey Short, Dr. Bill Sticka, Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Dr. Curt Woolever.  Other sponsors were:  Dr. Mike Brown, USDA-ARS Grazingland, Research Lab; Dr. Ulrike Eggert, Harvard Medical School; Dr. Muna I. Naash, OUHSC; and Dr. James Stoll, Texas Tech School of Pharmacy.

For graduate and undergraduate students interested in participating in next year’s SWOSU Student Research and Scholarly Activity Fair, applications should be available during the Fall 2008 semester and next year’s event will take place during the Spring 2009 semester.  The public is always welcome to attend and enjoy this annual student scholarly activity fair.

The 2008 University Research and Scholarly Activity Committee members are Dr. Jason Johnson, chair, Dr. Steven Burgess, Dayna Coker, Dr. Les Ramos, Dr. Valerie Reimers, Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Anita Blankenship, ex-officio, and Berva Pool, recording secretary.

The SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs plans to post additional photos on the following web page http://www.swosu.edu/administration/osp/news/index.asp.  Look for these in the near future by going to “Announcements” on the right side of the page, then click on “Student Scholarly Activity Fair 2008.”