New Carved Dog now on SWOSU Campus


Bulldog Tree Carving
The Bulldog tree carving is located just south of the Al Harris Library on the SWOSU campus in Weatherford.

Clayton Coss Carving Bulldog
Clayton Coss uses a chain saw to carve the Bulldog from a tree stump at SWOSU.

There’s a new “Dog” on the Southwestern Oklahoma State University campus in Weatherford.

Clayton Coss of Tulsa recently spent three days on the SWOSU campus, home of the Bulldogs, using a chain saw to carve a Bulldog from a dead tree stump. The carving was made possible by Public Service Company of Oklahoma.

“It (the carving) is so beautiful,” SWOSU Physical Plant Director Rick Skinner said. “It is like a new sculpture on campus. It is amazing that someone can do this type of work with a chain saw.”

The idea for the project came when a tree trimmer suggested that the university check with Coss. The tree was dead and needed to be pulled. But, the tree had a good stature and the trimmer, who had seen Coss’ work, envisioned a carving. He cut down the tree but left enough of the stump for a carving.

Skinner then got with Tiffany Lydia, the community affairs manager for PSO, and the two worked on getting the project accomplished this summer.

Visitors to the SWOSU campus can see the carved dog just south of the Al Harris Library.