New Faculty and Employee Job Changes Announced at SWOSU


Southwestern Oklahoma State University has several new faculty and administrators during the 2008-09 year and several employees have had a change in their administrative or faculty status.

New faculty members include:

Brad Bryant Chair, Department of Industrial & Engineering Technology
Dr. Jared Edwards  
Brandi Fowler  
Assistant Director, Health Information Management
Stephen Haynes
Communication and Theatre
Dr. Andrea Holgado
Biological Sciences
Ed Klein  
Mark Lumpkin 
Kris Mahlock Athletic Training
Dr. David Martyn Chemistry and Physics
Dr. Thomas McNamara 
Dr. Katherine Miller
Language and Literature
Dr. Cynthia Pena
Language and Literature
Dr. Jerrie Robinson 
Health Care Administration
Dr. Alan Spies Pharmacy
Dr. Trisha Wald 
Accounting and Finance
Chris Young
Kelly Young    

Faculty and administrators who have a change in their administrative and faculty status include:

Ruth Boyd     
Interim Chair, Department of Education
Kris Mahlock  Head, Athletic Trainer
Chad Martin 
Director, Residence Life and Housing
Laura Smith  
Director, Health Services
Dr. James South
Chair, Department of Music
Tami Steinkrauf  
Assistant Athletic Trainer/Insurance Coordinator
Todd Thurman 
Director, Athletics
April Howenstine  
Sayre Librarian