SWOSU Physics Day Planned for November 6


Southwestern Oklahoma State University will host Physics Day on Thursday, November 6, on the Weatherford campus.

Around 120 high school physics students from 10 area high schools will experience physics first hand at SWOSU through hands-on activities and thought-provoking demonstrations. Tony Stein, faculty advisor to the SWOSU Physics Club, said students will participate in exhibitions that cover a broad spectrum of physics in a fun and informative manner. They will experience light and sound, electricity and magnetism, gravity and falling objects, subatomic particles, atmospheric pressure and fluid motion, and waves on a slinky.

“Students will see objects from a different light,” Stein said. “They will learn how to crush a can and destroy carnations in ways that only a physicist would think of.  Most importantly they will learn what they need to do now (and later) to prepare themselves for a career in physics, engineering, or other technical fields.”

Schools that have confirmed attendance include: Seiling High School (Dennis W. Adair), Hydro-Eakly High School (Jeremy Bussey), Fairview High School (John Sellars), Corn Bible Academy (Mark Thiessen), Sentinel High School (Nathan Friesen), Cordell High School (Monica Brinkley), Burns Flat-Dill City High School (Chris Price), Kingfisher High School (Mark Maehs), Cheyenne High School (Robert Land), and Weatherford High School (David Beck).

Physics Day is an annual event hosted by the SWOSU Department of Chemistry and Physics and the SWOSU chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS) at SWOSU on the first Thursday of November. The event features four stations run by physics faculty Dr. Charles Rogers, Dr. Terry, Goforth, Dr. Wayne Trail, and Stein with a fifth station run by SWOSU senior engineering physics students involved in the SWOSU chapter of the SPS.

For more information about physics day, feel free to contact Stein at 580.774.3107.  For a short description of last years event including pictures see http://swosu.edu/students/orgs/physclub/pictures.htm#physicsday.