Over 100 from SWOSU Attend Oklahoma Research Day

Oklahoma Research Day
Over 77 students from SWOSU participated in Oklahoma Research Day in Tulsa.

Oklahoma Research Day
A big group of SWOSU students participated in the 10th annual Oklahoma Research Day held recently in Tulsa. Among the SWOSU students were (from left): Johnny Boschman, Lucas Keyes, Morgan Scott, Mikkinzi Davis, Erica Benda, Ryan Brewer and Chris Ozment.

Oklahoma Research Day
Among the SWOSU students at Oklahoma Research Day were (from left): Kari McCoy, Selena Padilla, Brooke Gibson and Bobby Baker.

Seventy-seven students and 12 faculty from Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford recently participated in the 10th annual Oklahoma Research Day in Broken Arrow.

This year’s event had the largest registration during the 10-year period and received the largest number of research abstracts ever submitted for an Oklahoma Research Day event.     Oklahoma Research Day provides an opportunity for Oklahoma regional university students and faculty from all disciplines to showcase their research activities.  SWOSU students and faculty submitted 44 abstracts. 

 “Clearly, research is being widely encouraged, supported and carried out in Oklahoma to an ever growing extent,” said Dr. Tom Jackson, dean of graduate studies and research at Northeastern State University, which hosted the research day. “This exciting trend would not be possible without the consortium of Oklahoma Regional Universities as well as all institutions of higher education in the State of Oklahoma.  The quest for new information, processes and knowledge is, for most of us, the most honorable of all pursuits.”

The day was organized by The Council on Research for Regional Universities (CRRU) in cooperation with the Graduate College and Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at NSU and was sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), National Science Foundation (NSF), Oklahoma Experimental Program for Stimulating Competitive Research (EPSCoR), the National Institutes for Health (NIH)-INBRE, the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) and the participating Oklahoma Regional Universities. 

SWOSU Provost and Senior Vice President Dr. Blake Sonobe and Anita Blankenship, director of the SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs, are SWOSU’s representatives on the CRRU.

SWOSU faculty participating were Dr. Lisa Appeddu, Dr. Jimena Aracena, Dr. Dan Brown, Dr. Brian Campbell, Dr. Philip Holley, Dr. Tim Hubin, E.K. Jeong, Dr. Jason Johnson, Dr. William Kelly, Dr. Warren Moseley, Dr. Steven O’Neal, Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat and Dr. Curt Woolever.  Approximately 10 other faculty, staff and administrators from SWOSU attended the event also.

SWOSU students participating were Jeremy Titsworth, Michele Charles, Ryan McAdory, Diana Leon, Laci Jo Vianco, Bobby Baker, Kari McCoy, Selena Padilla, James Crittenden, Michael Hixon, Jessica Stewart, Tiffany Walton, Winnona Youngbird, Brooke Gibson, Marisela Hernandez, DonNell Myers, Tiffany Tyler, Jeremy Briscoe, Glynn Cobb, Daniel Gerber, Staci Masquelier, Travis McLemore, Patrick Cornish, Chris Hansen, Court Lane, Kenzie Skinner, Erica Benda, Johnny Boschman, Ryan Brewer, Mikkinzi Davis, Lucas Keyes, Chris Ozment, Morgan Scott, Kelly Fine, Brittany McGinn, Amanda Prasayasith, Joel Kardokus, Arin M’Kenzi Crabb, Jessica Gross, Bethany Hess, Casey Cochran, Wendy Jones, Nelvin Daniel, Dawod Salah Dawod, Chrisitne Barnhart, Steven Bozell, Tyler Shadid, Courtney Blackmon, Jon DeMotto, Hans Igou, Jacinda Nuttle, Keturah Odoi, Garrett Scott, Kevin Bright, Justin Cullen, Kaleb Fischer, Katherine Helms, Crystal Mars, Shawn Plymesser, Kaden Stratton, Tamara Powell, Vicki Abernathy, Chris Goree, Mike Davis, David Goree, Eric Boehs, Karl Kirch, Jonathan Larsen, Eddy Lepatio, Benjamin VanTreese, Sulav Regmi, Vaibhav Pandya, Joe Wilson, Cammi Valdez, Wessley Lamoreaux and Justin Silkwood.