Ten One-Act Plays Being Staged April 22-24 at SWOSU


Students in Southwestern Oklahoma State University's Play Directing and Lighting Design courses will present their final projects-one-act plays-this Wednesday through Friday, April 22-24, on the Weatherford campus.

The plays begin each evening at 7:00 p.m. in the Hilltop Theatre on the SWOSU campus. Admission is free.

There will be a total of 10 one-act plays presented over the course of the three nights. Steve Strickler, instructor of the play directing class, said there are a wide variety of plays including comedy, drama and mystery.

The lineup of plays includes:

Wednesday, April 22

**The Actor's Nightmare written by Christopher Durang and directed by Tiffany Tuggle. It is inspired by the common dream performers have of being inexplicably pushed onstage into a show they have never rehearsed. They play centers around George Spelvin who must try his best to play the part while his fellow actors make hilarious attempts to clue him in on the scene.

**The Patchwork Quilt - Written by Rachel Field and directed by Tanner Fisher. This poignant story of an old woman's struggle to recapture her fading memories despite the machinations of her greedy daughter and son-in law will leave playgoers emotionally charged. Will Mrs. Willis be able to remember the secret of the patchwork quilt?

** Christopher Durang script-For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls-directed by Sarah Mueggenborg.  The comedy is centered on a faded Southern Belle, Amanda Wingvalley, and her relationship with her two sons, Lawrence and Tom.  Lawrence is a hypochondriac that thinks he is crippled, while Tom likes go to movies and bring sailors home.  During the play, Amanda is trying to prepare Lawrence for a "female caller," named Ginny that Tom is bringing home from the warehouse.  It turns out that Ginny is deaf and shouts all the time, which makes dinner at the Wingvalley's apartment a very entertaining one.

** Comedy/drama Approaching Lavendar- directed by Eryn Brooks.  The play takes place on the day of a wedding. Unfortunately for Jennifer, a cynical and jaded law student, and Abigail, an emotional housewife, it is their father's fifth wedding to a woman named Lavendar they have not met and don't care much about meeting. Through the course of the play the sisters learn to deal with their crazy, dysfunctional, extended family that now includes Wren, a self-centered debutante who is Lavender's daughter.

Thursday, April 23

**Shotgun, a drama directed by Tyler Powell and written by Romulus Linney is set at the lake house of a man named John who is going through a divorce. To cope with the divorce he is trying to surround himself with all the "lost and gone things a little boy loved."

** The Milling Crowd Dies written by David Dozer and directed by Chad Gray is pure insanity from beginning to end. Follow Charles Andrews and his wife Emily Ann as they go about their lives. Whether it's taking care of the old man they adopted from the welfare department for money, Mr. Waburn, or being psychoanalyzed by the government psychiatrist, Dr. Holzencheese, there is never a dull moment.

**Rain written by Garry Williams and directed by Jamie King is a drama about a family coping with their father's recent accident. After falling off of the barn roof, Staff‘s anger and resentment send the family and himself into turmoil, but his wife, Mary, reassures Staff of the love that surrounds him.

Friday, April 23

**Ariana Farris' production of Poor Aubrey begins the evening.  This clean-cut classy comedy that tickles the funny bone with scenes that every audience member can relate to is written by George Kelly!  It's a short play that is a true reality show demonstrating how showoff family members can entertain us with the hilarity of the situation.  Many people have tried different ways to break up with someone, each person has his/her own unique way: through a text message, has a friend do it, threaten your own life...

** A Dead Man's Apartment by Edward Allan Baker and directed by Edward Pierce.   It is a one act about the lunch breaks of four different unique characters. The play starts with Lonnie, a sensitive beta male, who is having an affair with Nickie, a super sensitive super clingy woman looking for her true love.  Lonnie comes across a threatening message on his answering machine threatening his life while he is on his lunch break from work. As the play progresses Nickie brings her daughter Valerie and her brother Al over to meet him and get their opinions of him and figure out where this message came from.

** Ashley Howard's production of Fifteen Minutes will close the run of the one-acts. It promises to take audiences through a fast paced overview of every cliché talk show moment imaginable.   

The student-directors have the unique opportunity to work with students in Stephen Haynes' Lighting Design course to experience the process of directors and lighting designers collaborating on a production.  Thus, the designers get to see a fully realized design process. 

The lighting designers for the productions are Riley McCallay, Edward Pierce, Dayna Robinson, Casey McKay, Patricia Snyder, Sarah Mueggenborg, Tanner Fisher, Robyn England, Lona Scott, Ashley Howard, Cody Carnahan, Jasmine Cocheran and JJ Witt.

For more information about the productions, call 580.774.3082.