SWOSU Hosts Successful Student Research Fair


Kiet Nguyen
Kiet Nguyen was just one of 100 students who participated in this year's 16th annual Research and Scholarly Activity Fair on SWOSU campus in Weatherford. The student fair is designed to give students the opportunity to present their research and other scholarly activities in poster or podium presentation format.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University's 16th annual Research and Scholarly Activity Fair was recently held on the Weatherford campus.

The student fair is designed to give students the opportunity to present their research and other scholarly activities in poster or podium presentation format.  The students had the opportunity to discuss their research and scholarly activities with other participants, university personnel and community visitors.

This year 100 students, sponsored by 33 faculty members, participated in the fair presenting a total of 66 poster presentations and six oral presentations.  Many of the 72 presentations have been or will be presented at various organizational events at the state, regional and national levels.

The event was sponsored by the University Research and Scholarly Activity Committee and the SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs.

Students from the following disciplines presented their work: College of Pharmacy, Department of Art, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and Physics, Department of Entrepreneurship and Computer Systems, Department of Industrial and Engineering Technology, Department of Language and Literature, Department of Mathematics, Department of Music, Department of Psychology and Department of Social Sciences.

Students participating were: Brandi Abertnathy, Jennie Adair, Stephanie Ast, Robert Baker, Aaron Bark, Erica Benda, Johnny Boschman, Steven Bozell, Ryan Brewer, Tonnie Burnett, Sandra Burpo, Amy Cain, Desiray J. Cannon, Jacob Ciesyenski, Casey Cochran, Larissa Copeland, William Crane, Cameron Creed, Misty Crosby, Justin Cullin, Nelvin Daniel, Mikkinzi Davis, Dawod Dawod, Katrina Detherow, Brandon M. Dudgeon, Chase Duncan, Ariana Eakle, Kyle Easter, Robin Edgar and Kelly Fine.

Also, Gregory Franklin, Dylan Frizzell, Courtney Garcia, David Goree, Kassandra Guthmueller, Tara Havins, Katherine Helms, Marisela Hernandez, Andrew Hill, Shanna Horton, Tember Hursh, Hans Igou, Travis Jacobi, Nikki Janzen, Jesse Johnson, Kristine Johnson,  Terri Kardokus, Lucas Keyes, Karl Kirch, Holley Ladymon, Wessley Lamoreaux, Johnathan Larsen, Diana Leon, John Leon, Estrella M. Lopez, Cory Lumley, Ryan Lutz, Crystal M. Mars, Rachel McCurdy, Lance Miller, Cory Don Mingura and Megan Molloy.

Also, Hung Nguyen, Kiet B. Nguyen, Melissa Nichols, Brandon Norris, Abigail Ntreh, Jaci Nuttle, Christopher Omari, Tyler Ozment, Mishra Pankaj, Chris Parton, Sunny Patel, Zach Patterson, Brandon Phillips, Shawn Plymesser, Tamara Powell, Amanda Prasayasith, Gabriel Pray, Melissa Pray, Lacey Rogers, Gwendolyn L. Ramon, Guadalupe Rivera, Amy Schmidt, Garrett Scott, Morgan Scott,  Tyler Shadid, Justin Silkwood, Alex Smith, Steven Stone, Kaden Stratton, Tiffany Tyler, Lacy Jo Vianco, Mandy Washa, Kari Watkins, Sarah Webb,  Whitney Wichert, Joel Wynn, Jarod Young, and Kelsey B. Zybach.

SWOSU faculty sponsors were: Dr. Jimena Aracena, Dr. Melinda Burgess, Dr. Stephen Burgess, Dr. Brian Campbell, Dr. Kevin Collins, Dr. Viki Craig, Dr. David Esjornson, Brad Fitzgerald, Dr. Andrea M. Holgado, Dr. Philip D. Holley, Dr. Timothy J. Hubin, Dr. Jason Johnson, Dr. William J. Kelly, Dr. Sophia Lee, Dr. Douglas Linder, Dr. Kelley Logan, Joe London, Dr. C. Warren Moseley, Dr. Steven W. O'Neal, Dr. Anil Pereira, Dr. Bill Seibert, Jeffrey Short, Dr. Tony Stein, Dr. Cody Timmons, Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Dr. Rahmat Talukder,  Xiaomiao Wang, Frank White and Dr. Curt A. Woolever.

For graduate and undergraduate students interested in participating in next year's SWOSU Student Research and Scholarly Activity Fair, applications should be available during the Fall 2009 semester, and next year's event will take place during the Spring 2010 semester. 

The 2009 University Research and Scholarly Activity Committee members are: Dr. Arden Aspedon, Dayna Coker, chair Dr. Jason Johnson, Dr. Valerie Reimers, Dr. Rahmat Talukder, Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Anita Blankenship and recording secretary Berva Pool.