Even Duke the Mascot Needs to Learn!


Even Duke needs to learn.

While Southwestern Oklahoma State University students have been taking end-of-semester finals tests on the Weatherford campus, the university's live Bulldog mascot has undergone two surgeries caused by his love of snooping around and getting into things he shouldn't be doing.

On December 5, Duke ingested a 10-foot cotton rope similar to a ski rope. The result was not pleasant. Caretaker Rita Hays took Duke to local veterinarian Dr. Mark Hoffman and the 4-year-old mascot underwent surgery on December 7.

After that surgery, Duke was not his old self and just moped around. Turns out that Duke was allergic to the stitches. So, Duke had to return to Dr. Hoffman for a second surgery on December 14. After the second surgery, Duke was feeling a lot better and was scheduled to be released on December 15.

"Duke is a mischievous dog," Hays said. "It's no secret that he is an obsessive chewer."

Duke should have a good Christmas. Even though he will have to stay in a crate until Christmas Eve, the stitches from his second surgery will be removed on Christmas Eve. 

Hays said Duke might be getting a few Christmas presents this year but one will definitely not be any ropes.