SWOSU Graduate Programs Continue to Grow


Southwestern Oklahoma State University with campus locations in Weatherford and Sayre is well-known for its 15 nationally-accredited academic undergraduate programs, but many people are not aware of SWOSU’s well-respected graduate school programs.

Two of the programs in the Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology include the Master of Business Administration degree, which is the fastest-growing degree program on campus, and the Master of Science in Management.

The MBA program has grown from five students in Spring 2009 to 40 students during this past spring semester, while the MS program has grown from four students in 2009 to 30 students during the 2010 spring semester.

Marci Grant, director of graduate programs in the School of Business & Technology, said the growth is the result of several factors. She said the SWOSU College of Professional and Graduate Studies is determined more than ever to reach out and recruit students both internally and from area communities. Grant said promotion of the program and spreading the word to prospective students have influenced the growth. The economy is also a factor with people returning to school to advance their knowledge and skills so they can obtain jobs.

The MBA degree at SWOSU is a great fit for all who have a business undergraduate degree, according to Grant. The MBA is an internationally-recognized degree and can lead to a fast track to success and top salaries. The MS (Management) is well-suited for all students who aspire to hold managerial positions but do not have a business degree. The MS in Management gives a student more growth potential in their chosen field and shows employers that they have the specific knowledge and skill set that will qualify them for advanced employment opportunities. Students who are pursing the MS (Management) degree may also choose specific disciplines to pursue, such as accounting, computer science, finance, management, marketing or technology.

There are three different ways that students may be admitted to the MBA or MS degree programs at SWOSU: the student’s undergraduate GPA; GMAT test scores; or a portfolio application. Classes are offered during days and evenings as well as online, so classes are available to best meet students’ schedules.

SWOSU also offers graduate programs in education, music, park law enforcement and psychology.

Enrollment for the fall semester is underway now, so students can apply today. Anyone interested in learning more about the MBA and M.S. degrees can get more information by contacting Grant at marci.grant@swosu.edu or by phone at 580.774.7050.