SWOSU Tuition and Fee Small Increase Approved by State Regents


The Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education finalized Thursday to raise tuition and fees at Southwestern Oklahoma State University by 5.47% for the 2010-11 school year on the Weatherford campus.

All regional universities across Oklahoma were approved for similar increases.  

SWOSU's tuition/fee rate per credit hour will go up from $137 an hour for undergraduate, in-state tuition to $144.50 per hour on the Weatherford campus. At the Sayre campus of SWOSU, tuition and fees will be $139.50.             

SWOSU President Randy Beutler said this is the first increase in tuition/fees in two years. SWOSU's situation is a little different this year as State Regents had earlier approved a $6 mandatory fee per credit hour for music and student activities as well as the new event center that will be built on the Weatherford campus. The actual tuition rate at SWOSU will only increase $1.50 per credit hour. The two figures combined equal the increase of $7.50 per credit hour on the Weatherford campus. Students on the Sayre campus will not pay the $5 fee for the event center. 

"This is just a slight raise in tuition in comparison to the budget cuts we have sustained," Beutler said.

SWOSU has experienced a decline in state revenues of 6% during the past and upcoming school years. It could have been worse, according to Beutler, but with the support of Governor Brad Henry and area legislators, the impact to higher education was minimized.

The first-year president at SWOSU said the university continues to be frugal with taxpayer dollars and trying not to overburden the tuition-paying student. The university has not filled several open administrative positions and continues to look for ways to save money.

"SWOSU continues to boast 15 nationally-accredited academic programs-most among Oklahoma's regional universities-and we'll strive hard to continue keeping SWOSU as the top academic regional university in Oklahoma," Beutler said. "We know SWOSU is also one of the most affordable universities in the state. But, we must be mindful that we have certain accreditation standards which we must continue to meet in order to stay competitive and those issues often include financial considerations."

In order to help students, SWOSU continues to offer financial aid help to students to help with financing their college education. Over 70% of SWOSU students received more than $30 million in financial assistance this past year, according to Jerome Wichert, director of the SWOSU Student Financial Services Office. He said his office is open Monday through Friday each week to visit and help students with their needs.