SWOSU Announces Summer Graduates


A total of 155 students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University completed requirements for either associate, bachelor's, master's or doctoral degrees this summer on the Weatherford and Sayre campuses.

Students who complete their degrees include:


  • FAYETTEVILLE-Louis Lancaster , B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.


  • ONTARIO-David Weaver, M.Ed. in Non Certification Parks & Recreation Management.


  • GARDEN PLAIN-Jerrod Hunt, M.Ed. Non Certification Sports Management.


  • SOUTH PARIS-James Libby, B.B.A. in Finance.


  • ALTUS-Brayden Baker, B.B.A. in Management; Kelly Bryce, B.B.A. in Management; Katherine Coats, B.S. in Chemistry; Mack Powers Jr., M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Kacie Walker, B.S. in Elementary Education; ALVA-Amanda Isenbart, Master of Music Performance;
  • ANADARKO-Christine Barnhart, B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science;
  • BARTLESVILLE-Brent Dugger, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • BETHANY-Holly Vonderohe, M.Ed. in Non Certification Parks & Recreation Management;
  • BLAIR-Jiminy Davis, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • BROKEN ARROW-Jennifer Naramore, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • CANUTE-Steven Toelle, B.S. in Psychology;
  • CARNEGIE-Jessica Flinn, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • CHELSEA-Kellie Hibbard, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CHEROKEE-Travis Lyon, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CHICKASHA-James Sutteer, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CLAREMORE-Kerri Garroutte, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Denise Kimblern, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Sharre Rader, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Shauna Rinearson, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CLINTON-Allison Bichsel, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Alison Griffin, B.B.A. in Accounting; Elizabeth Justice, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Phyllis Smith, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • COPAN-Jerry Werts, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • CORDELL-Janiece Rizzi, B.S. in Exercise Science; Holly Wiyninger, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • COVINGTON-Matthew Bolz, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • DEWEY-Thad Dilbeck, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • DUNCAN-Shanessa Smith, Bachelor of Social Work;
  • EL RENO-Andrew Palmer, B.B.A. in Management; Lorenzo Robinson, B.S. in Psychology; Paulette Sanders, Bachelor of Social Work; Loraine Weekley, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • ELK CITY-Jayme Chester, M.B.A. in Business Administration; David Miller, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • ENID-Douglas Seely, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Nathan Sullivan, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;  
  • ERICK-Heather Mayfield, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • FLETCHER-Bobby Gantt, B.B.A. in Accounting;  
  • FORT COBB-Elizabeth Knauss, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • GEARY-Allison Helm, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • GOODWELL-Mark Rutlege, M.Ed. in Non Certification Sports Management;
  • GOULD-Jason Miranda, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • GRANITE-Brenna Teel, B.S. in Health Care Administration;
  • HINTON-Jessica Burris, B.S. in Health Sciences; Christopher Sutton, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship;
  • HOBART-Nicole Beamon, B.S. in Health Care Administration;
  • HOOKER-Roy Henry, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • HYDRO-Sylvia Servinm, B.B.A. in Finance; Charles Turner, M.Ed. in Non Certification Sports Management;
  • KINGFISHER-Kara Hicks, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • LAWTON-Claudia Beckner, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Lauren Gladden, B.S. in Athletic Training; Alexandra Zukerman, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • LEEDEY-Kent Quattlebaum, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • LOOKEBA-Oralia Rodriguez, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; 
  • MANGUM-Kelli Kyle, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • MARLOW-Lucia Duncan, B.S. in Nursing;
  • MCALESTER-Jonathan Collins, B.A. in Chemistry;
  • MCLOUD-Amanda Carter, B.B.A. in Marketing; Michael Visnieski, M.Ed. in Non Certification Parks & Recreation Management;
  • MIDWEST CITY-Ryan McAdory, B.A. in Criminal Justice;
  • MINCO-Teresa Langford, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; G. Tanae Rodriguez, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • MOORE-You Bang, B.S. in Nursing; Jennifer Flores, B.S in Biological Sciences; Britnee Goure, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Scott Petete, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Michael Utesch, Master of Music Education;
  • MOUNTAIN VIEW-Michele Charles, M.Ed. in English Secondary Education;
  • MUSTANG-John Hannon, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Allison Smith, B.A. in Spanish;
  • MUTUAL-Terri Hopper, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • NORMAN-Jonathan Demotto, B.A. in Chemistry; Mikel Hunt, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • OKARCHE-Kristina Annuschat, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • OKLAHOMA CITY-Christopher Bell, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Ronnie Bogle Jr., M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Donald Braxton, M. S. in Management; Lindsay Compton, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Carolyn Erickson, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; John Erickson, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Michael Hisey, B.S. in Nursing; Sheridan Hoskins, B.A. in Chemistry; Rayanna Hosokawa, B.S. in Health Sciences; Anna Hristova, B.S. in Nursing; Faidat Ipaye, B.S. in Health Sciences; Tyler Powell, B.S. in Exercise Science; Whit Pyron, M.Ed. in Non Certification Parks & Recreation Management; Callie Spikes, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Christopher Twyman, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Megan West, B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science; Yee Wong, B.S. in Health Sciences; Sean Wright, Bachelor of Music Performance-Orchestra and B.S. in Engineering Physics;
  • OLUSTEE-Riley Drury, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • OWASSO-Andrew Hatch, Bachelor of Music Education-Instrumental; Tony Sappington, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Lora Steidley, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • PONCA CITY-Pamela Almack, Master of Music Performance; Dalana Hawkins, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • PURCELL-Anne Beck, M.Ed. in Social Sciences Secondary Education;
  • RANDLETT-Ashley Palmer, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • RUSH SPRINGS-Tarence Ballard, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • SKIATOOK-Heath Selcer, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • TALOGA-Angela Gore, M.Ed. in School Counseling;
  • TECUMSEH-Enid Hennen, Bachelor of Music Performance-Orchestra; Kayla Nieman, B.S. in Athletic Training;
  • THOMAS-Meghan Zoschke, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • TURPIN-Gary Wallace, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • WALTERS-Amanda Desadier, Bachelor of Music Education-Instrumental;
  • WATONGA-Seasha Green, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Shannon Grimes, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Winona Youngbird, B.A. in Criminal Justice;
  • WEATHERFORD-Susannah Awopeju, B.A. in Political Science; Kurt Beason, B.S. in Health Sciences; Tobey Beer, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Brandon Bell, B.S. in Parks and Recreation; Jeffrey Bilyeu, B.S. in Health Sciences; Booker Blakley, B.B.A. in Marketing; Amanda Bradley, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Bradley Bryant, M.S. in Management; Melaine Campbell, M.Ed. in Reading Specialist; Passion Cooper, B.B. A. in Marketing; David Creason, B.S. in Engineering Technology; Lora Creekmore, B.B.A. in Management; Walker Dupree, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Teresa Humphreys, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Philip Hunsicker, B.A. in Communication Arts; Sharon Lawrence, B.S. in Health Sciences; Tina Nassir, M.Ed. in Non Certification Social Sciences; Blain Perkins, B.S. in Health and Physical Education; Sara Puett, B.A. in Social Sciences Education; Kristofer Richardson, B.B.A. in Accounting; Sharla Rose, B.A. in Spanish; John Scarritt, Bachelor of Music-Elective Studies and Bachelor of Music Performance-Orchestra; McKenzie Talcott, M.Ed. in Non Certification Sports Management; Richard Wilson, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • WOODWARD-Renae Kraft, B.A. in Chemistry;
  • YUKON-Candace Benda, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Kristina Green, M.Ed. in Educational Administration.


  • THE DALLES-Greg Schaffeld, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship.


  • AMARILLO-Brady Long, B.B.A. in Management;
  • DALLAS-Kristine Nguyen, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • LUMBERTON-Kenneth Hare, B.S. in Parks and Recreation;
  • VERNON-Randall Hinojosa, B.A. in Chemistry;
  • WICHITA FALLS-Samantha Dobson, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • WYLIE-Jenna Sprague, B.S. in Elementary Education.


  • BELGRADE-Dusan Radojicic, M.S. in Management;
  • ZAMBIA-Aashka Desai, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • ZIMBABWE-Carl Densem, M.B.A. in Business Administration.