Pray Authors Papers on Health Fraud Issues

Dr. W. Steven Pray  

Dr. W. Steven Pray, Bernhardt professor of pharmacy at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, continues to solidify his international reputation as an expert in self-care with nonprescription products.

He recently authored a well-received 41-page paper entitled "Health Fraud and the Resurgence of Quackery in the United States: A Warning to the European Union." In this paper, Dr. Pray discusses the 1994 U.S. law that allowed sales of unproven products without appropriate federal oversight.

Following the appearance of this paper, Dr. Pray authored a paper for Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies, a journal published by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.  In this paper, Dr. Pray describes the fraudulent nature of homeopathic products and urges pharmacists who care about their patients to refuse to sell them.

Pray's particular expertise has evolved into providing scientific criticism of the use of products that have never been proven safe for use in humans or effective for any use.

Pray said products of unproven safety and effectiveness include dietary supplements, herbs and homeopathic products. In 2009, Dr. Pray wrote an article describing the U.S. situation regarding sales of these medications for the journal Pharmaceuticals Policy and Law, published in the Netherlands. Dr. Pray has written authoritative university textbooks dealing with these issues and over 340 articles for medical and pharmaceutical publications.