SWOSU Students Coached on Dress Attire for Interviews


Female students in Dr. Patsy Parker's Professional Issues class at Southwestern Oklahoma State University recently visited The Kloset in downtown Weatherford to learn about the importance of dressing professionally for interviews.

Three students and an employee from The Kloset modeled different looks that would be considered appropriate for an interview.  As each of the girls came out, Martha Sauer, owner of The Kloset, pointed out why each outfit was appropriate.  Sauer also pointed out things that should be avoided when dressing for an interview.  She emphasized the importance of dressing conservatively rather than wearing flamboyant clothes and jewelry.

Sauer likened first impressions to buying an apple. She pointed out that a bad-looking apple cannot explain why it is actually a good apple, so it must sit idly by as the better apples get picked first.  A bad first impression can never be taken back, so the clothes worn to an interview should reflect what one has to offer. A crisp, clean suit reflects a confident, educated person. 

"The purpose of this outing was to make class members aware of what is acceptable dress in the workplace," Dr. Parker said. "There is fashion sense in the work place, and there are cute clothes that look nice and professional."