SWOSU President Discusses Johnson Book in Library's Podcast Series


Book Growl
Southwestern Oklahoma State University President Randy Beutler (right) recently participated in the Al Harris Library’s Book Growl podcasts with Librarian Frederic Murray (left) and Media & Systems Technician Brandon Schwartz. The trio discussed the book Master of the Senate.

Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson is the latest book discussion to become part of the SWOSU Al Harris Library’s podcast series entitled Book Growl.

SWOSU President Randy Beutler discusses the book with Librarian Frederic Murray. The Book Growl series invites SWOSU authors, faculty and administrators to discuss and share books that are important to them and their students.

Robert Caro’s Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson is a book about power. It is a book about one man’s naked, ruthless ambition, according to Murray.  If there is a single theme to its 1,200 pages, it is that power reveals. Within its pages, the reader will find the story of a man whose compassion runs like a “bright thread in a dark tapestry.” Murray said the reader will find a Senate mired in tradition, a stronghold of the status quo, an institution unwilling and unable to face the challenges of the rising demand for civil rights.

Master of the Senate is a close study of political power played out at the highest levels. It is the political biography of a man who was able to enact historic legislative change when change was most needed. It is the story of Lyndon Johnson’s struggle to rise above his humble Texas origins and find his place in history.

The full podcast with President Randy Beutler and additional information about the career of U.S. President Lyndon Johnson can be located on the Library’s website: http://www.swosu.edu/library/bookgrowl/.

For more information about the Book Growl podcast or to learn how to be included in a future podcast, please contact Murray at 580.774.7113.