SWOSU's Ubeidat Receives NIH Research Funding for Second Straight Year

Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat 

Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, associate professor of biological sciences at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford, has received $14,500 in funding from the National Institutes of Health through the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center’s INBRE program for a research study.

Ubeidat’s project, entitled “Genetic Analysis of Oxygen-Signaling Using the Amoebazoan Dictyostelium as a Model,” was funded for a second straight year.

The project goal is to identify the genes within the Dictyostelium amoeba that allow its transformation into a fruiting body at much lower oxygen concentration than the atmospheric oxygen concentration. The project is conducted at the OUHSC in Oklahoma City at the Biomedical Research Institute in collaboration with Dr. Chris West.

Ubeidat said the project will help scientists to understand how organisms were able to live on earth with no or very little oxygen millions of year ago.

For questions about the grant, contact Ubeidat at 580.774.3298 or by email at muatasem.ubeidat@swosu.edu.