SWOSU Intramurals Signing Up Students for Three More Activities


Intramural sports are always a popular activity at Southwestern Oklahoma State University and four sports seasons are currently underway and signup for three more has now started.

Jonathan Austad, intramural director at the SWOSU Wellness Center, said students can now sign up for flag football 8 vs. 8, men’s softball and coed softball. Students can sign up at imleagues.com. The season will not start until March 26-27 for these three sports but students can now start forming teams and take care of the signup.

Austad said men's softball teams need to have at least 10 members per team in order to play. Coed softball teams must have five males and five females to play. 

All students that want to participate in intramurals have to sign up at imleagues.com and have their student email and student ID available.

Austad said many students are involved in the current activities of men’s basketball, coed basketball, coed soccer and volleyball.

If students have additional questions, they can email Austad at austadj@student.swosu.edu or call 405-317-6730.