SWOSU Students Enjoy Oscar Preview Night at the OKC Museum of Art


Seventy students, faculty and family members recently attended an event in Oklahoma City that takes place each year in conjunction with the annual Academy Awards.

The Southwestern International Student Association and the SWOSU History Club watched the five Animated Short Films and five Short Feature Films nominated for Academy Awards in their respective categories. Club sponsors Dr. David Hertzel and Dr. John Hayden said this is the third year that SWOSU groups have been attending the event at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.

“It did not take long for us to realize that these short films from all over the world year after year proved to be so insightful, funny and colorful that more students and faculty from the SWOSU community needed to be invited to join this annual cinematic sojourn,” Hayden said.

The result has been more attendance each year. The group travels via a tour bus, enjoys viewing and critiquing each year’s nominees and then enjoying a buffet dinner. This year’s dinner was at the downtown Thai Kitchen.

The two SWOSU clubs pool their resources including grants they have received from the SWOSU Student Allocation Committee to make the exciting trip an annual event. The clubs charge participants a nominal fee of $5 for the evening’s activities.

Dr. Hertzel and Dr. Hayden said they are impressed with the level of discussion the students engage with each other in following the films as they debate the merits of the different entries. They believe that this sort of group viewing of films educates students to become more adept at discussing film as an art form.

The clubs are already planning next year’s Oscar Night on Friday, February 23, 2013.