Area Residents Invited to Town Hall Meeting at SWOSU-Sayre


Southwestern Oklahoma State University will have a town hall meeting in Sayre on Thursday, March 22, at the Baptist Conference Center.

All area residents are invited and encouraged to attend the meeting that is part of the university’s strategic planning process.

SWOSU President Randy Beutler will be in attendance as well as other university and community leaders. SWOSU Associate Provost Dr. Cindy Foust hopes for a good turnout of residents to discuss SWOSU campus activities and events.

Some of the topics of discussion will revolve around the following questions:

  • Pretend you are looking into a crystal ball.  What do you see as SWOSU’s ideal future? 
  • What forces or issues – political, financial, technological, etc. – will affect the future of SWOSU?
  • You have the opportunity to talk with donors who are considering a very large unrestricted gift to the University.  What ideas (programs, projects) would you pitch to them that would be exciting to work on and would better serve students and community?
  • You’ve been asked to talk to a small group of high school students who are considering where to go to college.  What would you say to them about coming to SWOSU and the things that they will get here that are truly different from other schools?  What things would you like to say, but can’t because they’re missing here at SWOSU?
  • What does “The Focus is You” mean and what can we do to exhibit it even more?
  • What are ways that SWOSU and the surrounding communities can cooperate even more than it already is to benefit SWOSU and the region? 
  • What are the traditions, commitments, and places that tie us together and create pride or are uniformly held dear by the SWOSU community?
  • What can we do to create the kind of environment to attract and keep the best and brightest faculty and staff at SWOSU?
  • What kind of qualities do we want our SWOSU graduates to have?