SWOSU Announces Summer Graduates


A total of 163 students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University complete requirements for either associate, bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degrees this summer on the Weatherford and Sayre campuses.

Students who complete their degrees include:


  • SILOAM SPRINGS—Courteney Harrald, Bachelor of Music Therapy-Vocal/K.


  • LAKE FOREST—Sean Gordon, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • LATHROP—Kristina Gonsalez, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • SAN FRANCISCO—Jaymes Kirksey, Bachelor of Music Performance (Piano/Orchestra).


  • COLORADO SPRINGS—James Divine, Master of Music Education.


  • BALDWIN CITY—Braden Buckley, B.B.A. in Management;
  • NICKERSON—Kalie Mader, B.S. in Exercise Science.


  • HUMPHREY—Rebecca Mausbach, B.B.A. in Management.


  • ASTORIA—Jared Prock, M.ED. in Sports Management.


  • ADA—Nicolas Stowers, M.ED. in Sports Management;
  • ALTUS—Sheree Arradondo, B.S. in Health Sciences; Kirby Broaddus, B.A. in English; Allison Clason, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Susie Hinckley, B.S. in Elementary Education; Jordan Johns, B.S. in Nursing; Amanda Powers, B.S. in Psychology;
  • APACHE—Jonna Beartrack, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • ARNETT—Kiley Holloway, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • BARTLESVILLE—Benjamin Rainey, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • BEGGS—Ken Thornburg, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting; BLAIR—Cyrus Burks, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • BOISE CITY—Joseph Robinson, M.S. in Management;
  • BRISTOW—Kimberly Gilbert, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • BROKEN ARROW—Kelly West, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • CANTON—Carlos Estrada, B.S. in Exercise Science; Refujio Mosqueda, A.S. in Cheyenne Arapaho Tribal College General Studies;
  • CHEYENNE—William Beaty, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • CHICKASHA—Zachary Howe, M.ED. in Sports Management;
  • CLEO SPRINGS—Allyson Walton, B.S. in Psychology;
  • CLINTON—Emma Brown, B.A. in Communication Arts; Lucero Flores, B.B.A. in Accounting; Megan King, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Joesanto Mendez, B.S. in Computer Science; Gene Ray, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Kristy Walker, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • COMANCHE—Cody Shelley, B.B.A. in Management;
  • CORDELL—Adrienne Kern, B.S. in Elementary Education; Sherri Olivera, B.S. in Psychology; Ryan Russ, B.B.A. in Finance; Julie Thomas, B.A. in English;
  • COWETA—David Hawkes, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law;
  • CRESCENT—Halei Musil. B.S. in Nursing;
  • CUSHING—Joshua Calavan, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • EDMOND—Joshua Fulgium, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Kristi Ibarra, B.S. in Nursing; Nitah Kinjah, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • EL RENO—Dana Lloyd, M.S. in Management;
  • ELK CITY—Petra Acosta, B.B.A. in Finance; Hemakshi Chohan, B.S. in Nursing; Elmer Folster, Bachelor of Social Work; Sidney Hoover, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Martin Lopez, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Two-dimensional Studies;
  • ENID—Lindsay Casteel, B.S. in Nursing;
  • FORT COBB—Dalton Holdge, M.ED. in Sports Management;
  • FREDERICK—Lyle Clayton, B.S. in Health And Physical Education;
  • GEARY—Hayli Hanes, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • GRANITE—Chuck Martin, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • GUTHRIE—Marilyn Clark, B.S. in Nursing; Teresa Ezersky, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management;
  • GUYMON—Javier Witt, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • HAMMON—Jacy Burrows, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship;
  • HASKELL—Kyle Ward, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Beverly Williams, B.S. in Organizational Leader;
  • HINTON—Kamela Brookshire, B.B.A. in Management;
  • HOBART—Christopher Hebensperger, B.S. in Exercise Science and B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • HOOKER—Shyla Boyles, B.A. in English;
  • HULBERT—Cailyn Russell, B.B.A. in Accounting;
  • HYDRO—NaCole Majors, B.B.A. in Management;
  • LAWTON—Corey Boyd, B.B.A. in Finance; Allison Lee, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Diane Pihulic, Master of Music Performance; Joy Unruh, Master of Music Performance; Cody Zimmerman, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • LOOKEBA—Tyler Johnston, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • MANGUM—Crystal Biddy, B.S. in Psychology;
  • MANNFORD—Leesa Brandly, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • MIDWEST CITY—Kristyn Shawver, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • MINCO—Mallory McMullen, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • MOORE—Jamie Hutson, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • MORRISON—Joshua Hawkins, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • MOUNDS—Brittany Scott, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • MUSTANG—Shelly Manley, B.S. in Nursing; Heather Shepherd, B.S. in Nursing;
  • NORMAN—Malinda Dennison, Master of Music Education; Imelda Garner, B.S. in Nursing;
  • OKLAHOMA CITY—Babak Allahyar, B.S. in Nursing; Tiffany Bowler, B.A. in Political Science; Walter Cortez, B.A. in Chemistry; Gina Crudden, B.S. in Nursing; Victoria McCartney, B.S. in Nursing; Jennifer McManus, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Chris Pinion, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Rush Prigmore, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three-dimensional Studies; Monica Thomas, B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Sciences; Dustin Thompson, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • OWASSO—Kelly Moore, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • PIEDMONT—Garrin Gilchrist, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Sierra McGee, B.S. in Psychology;
  • REYDON—Whitney Moore, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • RUSH SPRINGS—Stewart Mogg, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • SHIDLER—Cory Smith, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • SKIATOOK—Kyle Reed, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management;
  • STERLING—Margaret Camden, M.ED. in Reading Specialist;
  • STIGLER—Eric Stout, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • STILLWATER—Anthony Holt, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • THOMAS—Monica Miller, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • TUTTLE—Elanda Kilhoffer, B.S. in Elementary Education; Josh Shandy, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Michael Williams, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting;
  • UNION CITY—Caleb Koos, B.A. in Political Science;
  • WARNER—Paul McCrary, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • WEATHERFORD—Michael Alder, B.S. in Psychology; Kirby Anderson, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Jennifer Barnes, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Two-dimensional Studies; Ryan Brewer, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Brandy Chase, B.S. in Health Sciences; Sean Connelly, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Meredith Davis, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Courtney Eason, B.S. in Psychology; James Edwards, Bachelor of Music Education-Instrumental; Eduardo Garcia, M.ED. in Health Sciences & Microbiology; Justin George, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Henry Gorton, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Krishna Henderson, B.S. in Exercise Science; Jeremy Hicks, M.ED. in Sports Management; Haley Kinney, B.S. in Health Sciences; Colby Kuriyama, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship; Kevin Leedy, B.A. in Communication Arts; Brenda Louthan, M.ED. in School Counseling; Duane Mapel, B.B.A. in Finance; Denise Mbarika, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jennifer Musgrove, B.A. in Chemistry; Lea Norvelle, B.S. in Organizational Leader; Matthew Ousley, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management; Stephanie Parker, B.S. in Exercise Science; Timothy Pritchett, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Anna Pruitt, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Mickey Seifried, M.ED. in Educational Administration; Shana Stephenson, B.S. in Health Sciences; Candy Stevens, B.A. in Chemistry; Toby Trotter, M.ED. in Sports Management; Jonathan Weaver, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Spencer Williams, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Aubra Wilson, M.ED. in Social Sciences Secondary Education; Jennifer Wyatt, B.S. in Elementary Education; Bradley Yoder, B.S. in Psychology;
  • WHITEFIELD—Scott Shepherd, M.ED. in Educational Administration;
  • WOODWARD—Rachel Matthews, Master of Music Education;
  • YUKON—Jordan Baker, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jordan Finley, B.S. in Nursing; Thomson George, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Trinity Johnson, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Melanie Le, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Caleb Murrow, M.ED. in Natural Sciences; Odessa Symes, B.S. in Nursing; Casey Turner, B.S. in Health Sciences.


  • SCHUYLKILL HAVEN—Amy Vacula, M.ED. in Parks & Recreation Management.


  • HIGHMORE—Gabriel Gregg, M.B.A. in Business Administration.


  • ARLINGTON—Stephen Speer, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • MESQUITE—Bruce Hatton, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • MUENSTER—Lindsey Watson, B.S. in Health Sciences.


  • CAMEROON—Mbiminah Nkeih, B.B.A. in Accounting and B.B.A. in Finance;
  • TAIWAN—Ai-hsuan Liu, Bachelor of Music Therapy-Instrumental.