Bulldog Beanery at SWOSU Continues to Boast Starbucks Products


The Bulldog Beanery is a coffee shop with a trendy atmosphere located in the Memorial Student Center on the Weatherford campus.

The Beanery is a favored meeting place of SWOSU students and proudly serves Starbucks coffee and menu items. Manager Cameron Sisco said every day from 2:30-3:30 p.m. is Happy Hour at the Beanery when drinks are half price.

To make students’ experiences more enjoyable, the Bulldog Beanery would like to provide a quick guide to ordering:  

First, the customer must determine a size—Tall (small), Grande (medium), or Venti (large). All drinks can be made hot or cold, so the next step is selecting between the two. After that, the actual drink is picked. Drip coffee is simply brewed coffee. A latte is milk and espresso. Macchiato is a layered drink, not mixed, and cappuccino is espresso, milk and foam, while a frappuccino is the frozen version.

Drinks are made promptly and the customer will soon enjoy their beverage. For more information about the Bulldog Beanery, visit the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/TheBulldogBeanery