Six Schools Sending Students to Model UN Program at SWOSU


SWOSU will host nearly 100 students from six high schools this Thursday and Friday, November 8 and 9, for Model United Nations.

The annual event recreates the actual United Nations on a smaller scale. Students are split into delegations to discuss international issues and they debate real world problems and try to find solutions to the problems.

SWOSU will host students from Chillicothe (TX) High School, Southmoore High School, Moore Central Junior High, Westmoore High School, Heritage Hall Upper School and Weatherford High School. Model UN is set to run from 8:30-4 both days in the SWOSU Conference Center on the Weatherford campus.

Students will take the viewpoints of 16 different countries and discuss the following topics:

  • Middle East
  • Amending the UN charter to reflect greater democracy and the real economic and geo-politics of 2012
  • Making the Millennium goals a reality
  • Preventing wage discrimination against women in the work place
  • Empowering women
  • Reviving the United Nations principle of “Non-Interference in the domestic affairs of states”
  • Refugee situation around the world
  • Addressing the needs of the very poor

Guest Speakers include SWOSU President Randy Beutler and Dr. Jimena Aracena of the SWOSU Department of Biological Sciences.