Quidditch Tournament Planned November 17 at SWOSU


The SWOSU Quidditch Club is hosting an interstate tournament and food drive this Saturday, November 17, at Fast Lane Field at Milam Stadium on the Weatherford campus.

Five teams from Oklahoma and Texas will fly around the field in competition. The Muggle Quidditch tournament begins at 9 a.m., and the price of admission is one canned food item.

In the series of Harry Potter novels, author J.K. Rowling tells of the most popular sporting event in the Wizarding world, Quidditch. The game consists of two teams of seven players each that fly broomsticks around a pitch. Three “chasers” try to score points with a ball called the “quaffle” by throwing the ball through one of three hoops. The hoops are guarded by the “keeper.” Two other players are referred to as “beaters.” These players carry batons and keep two heavy balls called “bludgers” away from their teammates. The final player is the “seeker.” He or she is in constant search of the “golden snitch.” This tiny ball is worth 150 points and the game ends when it is caught.

The differences in Muggle (non-wizard) Quidditch compared to the Harry Potter Quidditch are small. “Bludgers” are replaced with dodgeballs that “beaters” throw at opponents and the “snitch” is a person dressed in gold with a tennis ball that “seekers” try to catch.

For more information, contact Quidditch Club faculty sponsor Frederic Murray at 580.774.7113 or frederic.murray@swosu.edu.