SWOSU Employees Honored for Years of Service


Southwestern Oklahoma State University staff employees were honored for their years of service at a recent reception on the Weatherford campus, and Tommy McDaniel and Dr. Blake Sonobe were recognized with staff employee and administrator of the year awards, respectively.  

Both McDaniel, who is a custodian in the Chemistry/Pharmacy/Physics Building, and Sonobe, who is senior vice president and provost, each won $500 cash awards. 

Forty-seven employees were honored for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service to SWOSU. Also, four employees who recently retired and seven employees who recently earned degrees were honored. SWOSU President Randy Beutler made the presentations.

SWOSU retirees include: Lyndon Harms, Physical Plant; Marita Kennemer, Bulldog Café; Shirley Monroe, Registrar’s Office; and Jan Schmitz, Human Resources.

Employees earning degrees included Ryan Brewer, Brooke Hagans, Lyndsey Hyde, Semaj Johnson, Kesha Seals, Jordan Selman and Jeffrey Wolff.

Emily Barron and Kelsey Wichert each won the Dependent Award given by the Support Staff Personnel Organization. The award is a scholarship.

Years of service honorees were:

30 Years

  • Joyce Teghtmeyer, Registrar’s Office

25 Years

  • Todd Boyd, Enrollment Management
  • Michael Miller, Physical Plant
  • Rick Skinner, Physical Plant
  • Roberta Williams, Student Center Cafeteria

20 Years

  • David Altland, Information Technology Services
  • Charlene Ashcraft, Information Technology Services
  • Debbie Brown, Public Relations & Marketing
  • Steve Corbin, Information Technology Services
  • Rita Countess, Physical Plant
  • Tamra Misak, Counseling Services
  • Alan Shockey, Sayre Campus

15 Years

  • David Camden, Physical Plant
  • Susie Campbell, Sayre Campus
  • Denisa Engelman, Institutional Research
  • Debra Ricks, Physical Plant
  • Carolyn Barron, Office of VP for Student Affairs

10 Years

  • Eula Anno, Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • Robert Batson, Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • Michael Ford, Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • Janet Grabeal, Al Harris Library
  • Lenson Hearn, Lawton Adventure Program
  • Kevin Henson, Physical Plant
  • George Jones, Lawton Adventure Program
  • Pamela Kost, Physical Plant
  • Patti Linstead, Student Health Services
  • Tommy McDaniel, Physical Plant
  • Burneze Mullins, Lawton Adventure Program
  • Gregory Serrano, Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • TW Tanner, Lawton Adventure Program

5 Years

  • Kay Abramson, Pharmacy
  • Kim Brown, Physical Plant 
  • Marilyn Feaver, Center of Economic Development
  • Leisha Keeton, Pharmacy
  • Maria Kixmiller, Student Center Cafeteria
  • Mark Landers, Student Center Cafeteria
  • Christina McClane, Registrar’s Office
  • Debbie Miles, Human Resources
  • Adam O’Daniel, Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • Glenda Printz, Chemistry & Physics
  • Helen Seward, Physical Plant
  • Jessica Smith, Chemistry & Physics
  • Shelby Unruh, Enrollment Management
  • Adam Wallace, Tenkiller Adventure Program
  • Justin Weathers, Physical Plant
  • Tina Weathers, Residence Life

Joyce Teghtmeyer
Honored for 30 years of service was Joyce Teghtmeyer.

Todd Boyd, Rick Skinner and Roberta Williams
Honored for 25 years of service were (from left): Todd Boyd, Rick Skinner and Roberta Williams.

Charlene Ashcraft, Rita Countess and Debbie Brown, Tamra Misak, David Altland and Steve Corbin
Honored for 20 years of service were (front from left): Charlene Ashcraft, Rita Countess and Debbie Brown. Back from left—Tamra Misak, David Altland and Steve Corbin.

Carolyn Barron and Denisa Engelman, Debra Ricks and David Camden.
Honored for 15 years of service were (front from left): Carolyn Barron and Denisa Engelman. Back from left—Debra Ricks and David Camden.

Pamela Kost. Back from left—Tommy McDaniel and Kevin Henson.
Honored for 10 years of service were (front): Pamela Kost. Back from left—Tommy McDaniel and Kevin Henson.

Marilyn Feaver, Shelby Unruh, Kay Abramson, Jessica Smith and Maria Kixmiller, Mark Landers, Christina McClaine, Glenda Printz, Tina Weathers,Kim Brown and Justin Weathers
Honored for 5 years of service were (front from left): Marilyn Feaver, Shelby Unruh, Kay Abramson, Jessica Smith and Maria Kixmiller. Back from left—Mark Landers, Christina McClane, Glenda Printz, Tina Weathers, Kim Brown and Justin Weathers.

Lyndon Harms
Honored for their years of service was Lyndon Harms, who recently retired from SWOSU.

Tommy McDaniel
Honored as the Staff Employee of the Year was Tommy McDaniel, custodian in the Chemistry/Pharmacy/Physics Building on the SWOSU campus. Not pictured is SWOSU Senior Vice President/Provost Dr. Blake Sonobe, who was Administrator of the Year. Each won a $500 cash award.

Lyndsey Hyde, Kesha Seals and Semaj Johnson
Honored for recently completing degrees were (from left) Lyndsey Hyde, Kesha Seals and Semaj Johnson.