Brown Bag Lunch at SWOSU to feature Presentation on Big Data


“Big Data, Big Science” is the focus of a brown bag lunch of SWOSU’s research interest group that will take place Thursday, November 21, at 12 noon, and the public is invited and encouraged to attend.

The lunch will be held in the East Ballroom of the Memorial Student Center on the Weatherford campus. Drinks and dessert will be provided; bring a lunch or purchase one on the main floor of the center and bring it to the second floor.

Thursday’s topic will be presented by Dr. Warren Moseley of the Department of Accounting, Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.  Dr. Moseley has had a long and successful career in industry and higher education, working for IBM, Texas Instruments and American Airlines. He served as a consultant on the design of the F-18 Hornet heads-up display.  Moseley came to SWOSU in 2003.

During the summer of 2013, Moseley worked with the Advanced Networking Group with the Energy Sciences Network (ESNet) at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  It became obvious to Moseley that a major problem that faces the scientific community is big data. Today's large-scale science projects all involve world-wide collaborations that must routinely move tens of petabytes per year between international sites in order to be successful. 

 “This is true for the two largest experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN – ATLAS and CMS – and for the climate science community,” Moseley said. “In the near future, experiments like Belle-II at the KEK accelerator in Japan, the genome science community, the Square Kilometer Array radio telescope, and ITER, the international fusion energy experiment, will all involve comparable data movement in order to accomplish their science.”

The brown bag lunch series is for the purpose of celebrating and discussing research at SWOSU.  The research will be explained in layman’s terms with the focus on making the work accessible to everyone present.

Although SWOSU’s primary mission is teaching, a large amount of research is conducted on campus, much of it involving undergraduate students working alongside faculty members.  Dr. James South, vice president of academic affairs, said this valuable research experience is typically available only to graduate students in larger institutions, but SWOSU has worked very hard to make research an integral part of many majors. Several faculty members at SWOSU have won national awards as research mentors.

This is the final research interest group brown bag lunch of the fall semester. For more information, contact South at 580.774.3177.