SWOSU Groups Tour Prosthetics and Research Facilities

SWOSU Research Excellence and Society of Women Engineers
SWOSU students in Weatherford who attended a recent field trip to the Scott Sabolich Prosthetics and Research facilities in Oklahoma City were (from left): Brian Wallis, Weatherford; Lacey Lamm, Elk City; Sabrina Hougland, Calumet; Jeff Waldmuller (from Scott Sabolich), Mason Howe, Okeene; Jamin Brown, Woodward; Tony Sanchez, Snyder; Jordan Sage, Binger-Oney; Elizabeth Jansing, Waco TX; Abby McKisson, Edmond (Memorial); and Elizabeth St. John, Weatherford.  Not pictured are SWOSU faculty Cindi Albrightson and Dr. Andrea Holgado.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Research Excellence and Society of Women Engineers recently visited the Scott Sabolich Prosthetics and Research facilities in Oklahoma City.

Prosthetists Jeff Waldmuller and Amy Gilson spoke with 10 students and two faculty members on a number of topics pertaining to prosthetics, including socket design, myoelectrics and high performance limbs for athletes.

Waldmuller, an amputee himself, also gave a personal account of his experience with prosthetics. The students then toured the sprawling 21,000 square-foot facility, colloquially dubbed the “Mayo Clinic of prosthetics”.

The students experienced firsthand the detail that goes into prosthetic design. Sabolich’s technicians demonstrated the shaping and sculpting required of each prosthesis, and in-house artists provided a glimpse of the airbrushing and tattoo services that are offered to patients. Finally, the prosthetists spoke on what it is like to practice in prosthetics, emphasizing the rewarding nature of restoring life to amputees.

Highlighting the intersection of engineering, science and art that is prosthetics, Waldmuller and Gilson also touched on cutting-edge research in the field as students toured the attached 9,000 square-foot research and development laboratory.

The prosthetists concluded the tour with information on opportunities in the field. Students were briefed on available positions, educational requirements and future prospects in prosthetics. Those who are interested are encouraged to contact the facilities for more information or to schedule for observation.

SWOSU’s Research Excellence Club is open to all students and is currently developing the SWOSU Journal of Undergraduate Research. The club serves to promote awareness and involvement in research projects and provide information on research opportunities, internships and fellowships. Contact REC President Jamin Brown at brownjp@student.swosu.edu for further information.

The Society of Women Engineers empowers women to succeed and advance in the desire to be successful in the field of engineering and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders.  Contact SWOSU-SWE President Lacey Lamm at lamml@student.swosu.edu for more information. 

This trip and other Research Excellence activities were funded by SWOSU student allocations monies.