Update on Lockdown

Police officials believe they have resolved the situation that resulted in a lockdown at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford on Monday. A student was seen carrying equipment which was misconstrued as a weapon.

SWOSU was on lockdown on Monday from 9:46 until 11:19 a.m. after a phone call was made to the Weatherford Police Department that a male was possibly carrying a weapon in the Campbell Building but was exiting the building.

Upon notification, the university initiated its lockdown procedures. SWOSU Police Chief Rick Bolar said even though it was eventually determined there was no actual threat, the system worked the way it is designed.

“We take the safety of our students, faculty and staff very seriously,” SWOSU President Randy Beutler said. “Weatherford and SWOSU have long been noted for its safe environment, and the university appreciates the many law enforcement officers who helped on Monday.” 

SWOSU continues to review its safety procedures to provide a safe campus for its students, staff and faculty.