SWOSU Announces Summer Semester Graduates

A total of 147 students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University complete requirements for either associate, bachelor’s or master’s degrees this summer on the Weatherford campus.

Students who completed their degrees include:


  • MESA—Kara Jacobsen, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • PRESCOTT—Cassandra Day, B.S. in Exercise Science.


  • ANAHEIM—Eric Rodriguez, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • CARSON—Gabrielle Nippert, B.A. in Criminal Justice;
  • LAKE ARROWHEAD—James OBrien, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management;
  • SANTA ROSA—Jeffrey Pratt, B.S. in Athletic Training.


  • LONG ISLAND—Alison Cole, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • MEADE—Dawn Unruh, B.S. in Nursing;
  • WICHITA—Kadie Berlin, M.B.A. in Business Administration.


  • HUMPHREY—Rebecca Mausbach, M.B.A. in Business Administration.


  • LOS ALAMOS—Zachary Mang, B.S. in Health Sciences.


  • ADA—Julie Christian, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • ALTUS—Ryan Feller, B.S. in Exercise Science; Heather Kirby, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • BETHANY—Charles Niemyer, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • BLANCHARD—Jacob Fuller, B.A. in Chemistry; Billy Langford, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • BROKEN ARROW—Osvaldo Castorena, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • BURNS FLAT—Jade Pankratz, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Melissa Tripp, B.B.A. in Management;
  • CACHE—Kayla Fritz, B.S. in Health Sciences; Don Quickle III, B.A. in Chemistry;
  • CALUMET—Annette Wagner, M.Ed. in Reading Specialist;
  • CANUTE—Steven Toelle, M.S. in Community Counseling;
  • CARNEGIE—Christopher Oliphant, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • CHEYENNE—Cassie Springer, B.B.A. in Management;
  • CHICKASHA—Kyle Hargus, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law;
  • CHOCTAW—Angela Adkins, B.S. in Nursing;
  • CHOUTEAU—Taylor Holliday, B.S. in Biological Sciences;
  • CLAREMORE—Brittany Carson, B.S. in Athletic Training;
  • CLINTON—Kayla Barnett, B.A. in English;
  • CORDELL—Cody Ainsworth, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • CYRIL—Lauren Lee, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • DUNCAN—Danny Brown, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;  Brittany Epley, B.S. in Clinical Laboratory Science;
  • DURHAM—Teena Brittain, B.S. in Nursing;
  • EDMOND—Sherry Adrian, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • EL RENO—Sandy Dowdle, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Amber Keeler, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies; Rachel Wallis, B.S. in Elementary Education; Eric Wicklund, B.S. in Nursing;
  • ELK CITY—Ashleigh Bonds, B.S. in Exercise Science; Danielle Maddox, B.S. in Psychology;
  • ENID—Travis Martin, B.S. in Nursing;
  • FAIRVIEW—Evan Eitzen, B.B.A. in Finance;
  • FORT GIBSON—Mellissa Agee, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • GRACEMONT—Mary Howard, B.S. in Nursing;
  • GUTHRIE—Lucas Barry, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • HYDRO—Jeana Atteberry, B.B.A. in Accounting; Cheryl Partridge, B.S. in Nursing;
  • JENKS—Eden Hart, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • LAWTON—Allison Lee, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Diane Pihulic, Master of Music Performance; Sarah Totte, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • LOOKEBA—Amber Byrd, B.S. in Elementary Education;
  • MIDWEST CITY—Gina Morris, M.S. in Community Counseling;
  • MOORE—Stephanie Chidester, B.S. in Mathematics; Ryan Coggins, B.S. in Biological Sciences; Stevie Guerrero, B.S. in Nursing;
  • MOORELAND—Talon Harper, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • MORRISON—Jessica Cottom, M.B.A. in Business Administration;
  • MUSKOGEE—Kari Greer, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • MUSTANG—Jeffrey Reed, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • NEWCASTLE—Jennifer Sandwell, Bachelor of Music-Elective Studies;
  • NEWKIRK—Victor Wolf, B.A. in English;
  • NORMAN—Dustin Covington, B.S. in Engineering Technology;
  • OKEENE—Tanner Heffel, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law;
  • OKLAHOMA CITY—Peter Brown, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Kevin Cantrell, B.S. in Health Information Management; and B.S. in Health Care Administration;  Gabrielle Cloer, B.S. in Early Childhood Education; Tommy Davis, B.S. in Organizational Leadership; Michael Deforest, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Angela Farmer, B.S. in Nursing; Jennifer Haddon, B.S. in Nursing; Floyd Haynes, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;  Neil Howell, B.S. in Mathematics; Salimata Kamissoko, B.S. in Health Information Management; Alex Lafreniere, B.S. in Health Sciences; Amy McCorvey, B.S. in Nursing; Paul Mungiria, B.S. in Nursing; Susana Opare, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Shara Pennington, B.S. in Nursing; Mark Phillips, B.S. in Nursing; Shannon Reimche, B.S. in Nursing; Jaison Simon, B.S. in Health Sciences; Daryl Williamson, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • OWASSO—Kendra Nunn, B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • PIEDMONT—Kiley Donley, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • PRAGUE—Scott May, B.A. in Communication Arts;
  • SAYRE—Christopher Hooks, B.S. in Computer Science; Kristin Winn, B.S. in Early Childhood Education;
  • SENTINEL—Landon Warren, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • STILLWATER—Chelsea Outhier, B.S. in Nursing;
  • TALOGA—Heather Garibay, B.A. in English;
  • TECUMSEH—Rhiannon Webb, B.S. in Nursing;
  • TUTTLE—Audra Chambless, B.S. in Health Sciences; Stacey Gray, M.S. in School Psychology;
  • VICI—Alisha Turner, B.S. in Health Information Management;
  • WEATHERFORD—McKenzie Ainsworth, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Rebekah Badgett, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Ryan Brewer, M.Ed. in Parks & Recreation Management; Natashia Brown, M.Ed. in Sports Management; Pei-hsin Chang, B.S. in Mathematics; Jaimee Cohen, B.S. in Psychology; Jonathan Cornelsen, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Sara Elkins, B.S. in Health Sciences and B.S. in Health Care Administration; Gregory Garrison, Master of Music Education; Kenneth Lehman, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Crystal Mars, B.S. in Health Sciences; Rex Offenbecher Jr., B.S. in Computer Science; Gordon Perry, B.S. in Engineering Technology; Blake Powers, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Dallace Pugh, B.A. in Criminal Justice; Hali Smith, B.B.A. in Accounting; Patrick Spears, B.S. in Computer Science; Terence Tangi, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Terence Tanjong, M.B.A. in Business Administration; Reggy Yount, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • WOODWARD—Brittney Teel, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • YUKON—Matthew Cord, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law; Kim Engelking, B.S. in Nursing; Britney Espinosa, B.S. in Health Care Administration; Lindsey Grigg, M.S. in Management; Olga Harvey, B.A. in Chemistry; Jamie Morgan, M.Ed. in Educational Administration; Mikah Pendleton, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jordan Rippetoe, B.S. in Elementary Education; Travis Wilson, B.S. in Parks And Recreation.


  • GREGORY—Blake Eliason, M.B.A. in Business Administration.


  • ARLINGTON—Clifford Nyagesiba, B.S. in Park and Wildlife Law;
  • AUSTIN—Ronald Flemmings, B.A. in Communication Arts; Deonne Quisenberry, M.Ed. in Educational Administration;
  • BAY CITY—James Edwards, Master of Music Education;
  • BEDFORD—John Niutei, B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies;
  • BORGER—Kelby Dorris, B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Lylla Maxwell, Bachelor of Music-elective Studies;
  • CARROLLTON—Kalum Balluch, B.S. in Parks And Recreation;
  • DALLAS—Aaron Wallace, M.Ed. in Sports Management;
  • LORENA—Robert LaFrance, B.S. in Health Sciences;
  • MCKINNEY—Victoria Dobbie, B.S. in Health Care Administration;
  • PERRYTON—Ryne Dunlavy, A.S. in Wildland Firefighting and B.S. in Parks And Recreation; Nathan Martin, B.B.A. in Entrepreneurship;
  • SHAMROCK—Cynthia Morgan, B.A. in Criminal Justice.


  • WARSAW—Kori Oord, B.S. in Health Sciences.


  • CANADA—Kira Bertrand, B.S. in Health Sciences; Jessica Carbonara, B.S. in Exercise Science;
  • NEPAL—Aashish Gurung, M.Ed. in Mathematics Secondary Education.