Program Supports Building of Homecoming Parade Floats

Homecoming this fall will be October 11 when SWOSU entertains the Henderson University Reddies.

Several organizations are making plans for homecoming, and the SWOSU Alumni Association is offering a program of supporting organizations that build floats for the homecoming parade.

Prize money this year is going to remain impressive for float winners. First place is worth $1,300, second place $800 and third place $500. 

There is startup money available for student organizations that submit a float proposal. A float committee will select a maximum of six proposals, each receiving up to $200 in matching money to help purchase additional supplies for the construction of a float. This is money to supplement what organizations are already spending on float supplies.

The application deadline for a share of the startup money will be October 1.  

Homecoming theme is “The Spirit of SWOSU." Call 580.774.3063 with any additional questions.