Physics Spring Banquet to Feature Retired NASA Engineer as Speaker

Ron ToelleRon Toelle, a retired engineer with NASA, will be guest speaker at this Saturday’s (April 25) Division of Physics banquet at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford.

The 7 p.m. Physics Spring Alumni Banquet is being held at the Stafford Air and Space Museum. 

Toelle graduated from SWOSU in 1963.  He was hired by NASA in Huntsville (AL) and assigned to the Advanced Studies office to do trajectory analyses on the Saturn Class of launch vehicles.  Three years later he moved to the Aero-Astrodynamics Lab where he helped develop trajectory simulation code that is still in use today.  The team was responsible for the payload predictions of all Saturn IB and Saturn V launch vehicles.  He was then selected as part of a five-man team working directly with famed rocket scientist Dr. Werner Von Braun to develop the Skylab Program.

Toelle’s simulation programs were later modified to perform the design studies for the space shuttle vehicle (STS), and his team was responsible for all flight design predictions of the Shuttle and published the Design Environments.

He continued to work for a variety of NASA offices. His final assignment before retiring was as chief engineer of a Solar Powered Propulsion experiment.

For additional information about the banquet, contact Terry Goforth at or 580.774.3109.